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Qondor Release notes 2024

A summary of improvements and product updates to Qondor in 2024

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Qondor release - Week 22 (2024)

31 May 2024

  • A "Job Title" field is now available to fill in on a contact person. The job title field is visible in the contact person list in customer and supplier, within Project details and appears when hovering over a contact person card in Project search.

  • We have introduced a feature called "product reconciliation" which allows Project Managers to verify and mark products that have been checked against supplier invoices and cost prices in Qondor. This is beneficial for all offers, ensuring accuracy in cost prices and for Project Managers to see the reconciliation status at a glance.

The feature is available for all customers with the Suppliers module enabled in their office. Contact to enable Suppliers in your office.

Qondor release - Week 19 (2024)

22 May 2024

  • Qondor Admin Refresh:* We've introduced several improvements to the user interface on your Qondor homepage, Admin web and Offer admin to enhance your experience whilst working in Qondor. These are:

    • A new Qondor menu which enables easier navigation and improved visibility.

    • Responsive Admin Web for a more focused and efficient workspace.

    • Several improvements to Offer Admin, including improved VAT article selection and a simplified Price Footer for calculations and cost management; an easier way to publishing and unpublishing Offers and more.

*Note some of our customers will already have access to these features due to being enabled during a beta phase.

  • Updated Project Ledger and Additional Financial Information Now Available. Following customer feedback, we have made several improvements to the Project Ledger:

For Qondor customers using the Cost and Sale API:

  • Actual API numbers are now detailed in the Overview section.

  • We have refined the Sales and Costs section, replacing "Real" with "Actual" for clearer differentiation, removing the Form of Payment, and introducing new financial columns.

For everyone:

  • When setting the project to Finished, the suggested numbers are now based on:

    • If you're using the Sales API, the Actuals numbers are suggested.

    • If you're not using the Sales API, the Invoiced numbers are suggested.

    • If you're not using the Sales API, and you don't have Invoiced numbers, Estimated numbers are suggested.

  • Improved Supplier Search on Products in Offer. In the Supplier search on Products, you can now search for the: name, supplier number, organization number, or VAT number to easily find and select the supplier you are searching for.

Qondor release - Week 17 (2024)

6 May 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Improved "New Offer invoice" page for easier product selection. When creating an offer invoice, products now appear in the same order as in Offer Admin, with distinguishable product icons. Product groups are also visible and selectable. For Projects with multiple offers, offers are sorted as shown in project details.

  • Automatic prefilling of Customer Invoice custom fields. If your office uses Customer invoice custom fields, previous responses to custom fields are now prefilled within the same project and customer.

Qondor release - Week 15 (2024)

18 April 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Search for invoices by order number or external reference: We've added a new feature "Invoice search" to easily identify and access invoice specifications, both from customer and booking payments.

  • Reordered the 'Activity Log' and 'General' tabs on customer profiles to enhance user experience in response to feedback about the inconvenience of having the 'Activity Log' as the default tab.

  • 🪲We have resolved a bug where users experienced issues pasting text from external sources such as Microsoft Word.

Qondor release - Week 13 (2024)

8 April 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Multibooking forms will always uniformly present additional person options with a plus/minus selector to bookers, even when there's only one category.

Qondor release - Week 11 (2024)

15 March 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Super admins can now access project-specific text templates: enabling them to use text templates from the office related to a project, rather than defaulting to templates from their primary office. For instance, working on a project in "Office A" will display "Office A's" text templates, instead of those from their primary office "Office B."

Qondor release - Week 9 (2024)

28 February 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Set customers as deactivated: You can now easily mark a customer as active or inactive, directly from the customer card. This prevents the creation of new projects with inactive customers, ensuring your customer database remains current and relevant. Deactivated customers are also now easier to identify in the Customer list.

  • Bulk delete Project Suppliers: A bulk edit option has been added to Project Suppliers allowing you to remove multiple suppliers at once for more efficient management of project suppliers.

Qondor release - Week 7 (2024)

14 February 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • New Merge Tags available in Participant Email and Invitation dialogs: "Project manager", “Customer main contact person” and ”Customer emergency contact person” are now available to automate and personalise your communications more efficiently.

  • Improved Project Deletion process: Super admins can now delete projects and connected tasks to the project directly from the "Project Details" menu. This reduces the number of clicks and provides clarity on which project is being deleted to minimize the risk of accidental deletions.

Qondor release - Week 6 (2024)

7 February 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Offers: If all products that require an answer has either been accepted or declined and the offer also contains information only products where the price table is hidden, the "send reply" button and terms and conditions check box will now be disabled. A message is also displayed, making it clear to the customer that there is nothing further for them to review or respond to. Add standard products to an offer.

  • Project Search: Users who have access to multiple offices are now able to filter on specific Project Managers or Teams in Project search based on the selection made in the Office filter.

  • Copy Products with their Product category: In Product Search, when copying products with assigned product categories into a new project, the category is also automatically copied. This means the Project manager no longer needs to manually assign the product category when reusing products.

  • Forms and Google Analytics Tracking: Added support for cross-domain measurement, which allows activity to be accurately attributed to a single user as they cross domains using Google Analytics 4.

Qondor release - Week 2 (2024)

19 January 2024

What's new in Qondor

Qondor release - Week 1 (2024)

4 January 2024

What's new in Qondor

  • Removed the 'Project manager' option from the 'Send Offer' dropdown list of recipients. This change aims to eliminate potential confusion and prevent the forwarding of invalid (admin web) links to customers.

  • Improved the design of the 'Add Additional Persons' section in multibooking forms. This is to provide a better user experience for multi bookers/registrants and to prevent misunderstandings about the maximum number of additional persons that can be booked.

  • The "SetAsFailed" function has been implemented in Tripletex integrations. If an invoice specification fails or does not validate via Tripletex's API, the payment is flagged 'failed' in Qondor and the Project manager is notified via email. This enables them to take any necessary action.

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