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Project Search

Project managers can effortlessly find project and customer information, search effectively for accurate results and filter as needed

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When all your projects are registered in Qondor and you are working in a team of several people, it is crucial to view, access and work with these projects, and not just your own. Whether you are a project manager, team leader or other you need to get the information fast, then take whatever action needed.

With Qondor Project search you will quickly find exactly what you are looking for without having to waste time. Below is a search for all projects containing the word "Acme" with status "Finished", travelling in 2020:


You probably either want an overall business overview or you're looking for something specific. Save time and avoid frustration by searching as accurately as possible. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Tip! Select "Open links in a new tab" to stay on your search page and open projects in new tabs instead, this is handy for when you want to keep your search criteria.

  • The search displays projects within your office.

  • When opening Project Search, you will immediately see up to your last 20 visited projects, regardless of status or project manager.

  • When you have done a search and want to see your recent projects again, simply click "Reset" next to the Search button.

  • When you access Project search, no search criteria is given except for Pending and Confirmed projects. These are the ones you are most likely working with.

  • Choose your standard search mode to avoid seeing lots of options you do not normally need. Qondor will remember your preferred mode.

Simple search

Search by project, location, status and/or customer:

  • Find a particular project by searching by project name or number.

  • Find projects with a specific location by providing the Location in the search criteria.

  • Find all projects with a specific status by filtering on Status (pending and confirmed are selected by default. Expand the drop down list to add or remove statuses.)

  • View projects for a customer by searching for a Customer name or number, organisation number or vat number. Note that you can search with free text. This allows you to, for example, see all projects for a large customer with several customer numbers by only searching for the customer's general name.

  • View all Pending and Confirmed projects simply by clicking "Search" without filling in any search criteria.

  • View Ongoing projects by clicking "Show Ongoing". The result shows confirmed projects only, travelling on today's date.

  • View template projects by clicking "Show templates". All Project managers can see templates from Project search, but only Office admins and Super admins have access to edit template projects.

Advanced search

Search by project, location, status, customer, customer contact person, project manager and/or project departure and return date:

  • Search projects by team by selecting a team in the "Project manager" dropdown list.

  • Use several search criteria to avoid irrelevant search results. For example, Customer and Dates to view all departing projects for a specific customer in a certain time period. 

  • Find projects travelling within a specific time period by providing the dates in the Date from and/or Date to fields.

  • Find projects belonging to a specific project manager by selecting it in the Project manager drop down menu.

  • Find a specific customer contact person or emergency contact by searching for the name in the Contact person field.

  • If you are a SuperAdmin you can search in one office or in all offices you have access to.

  • Use the Supplier filter to allow you to search for projects connected to a specific supplier. Type the supplier, supplier number, organisation number, chain or brand in the search field, and Qondor will suggest suppliers.*

  • Use the Teams filter in Project search to search for projects for one team or multiple teams. (Only relevant if you use Teams in your office.)

  • To reset your search and search again, click "Clear".

* The supplier filter will only be visible if you use or switch to "advanced mode" in Project search and your office has the Suppliers module activated.


When you have found what you were looking for, you want to just keep going to finalize your task. This is easily done!

  • Click on a Project name to access the project and work with it

  • Click on a Customer name to view/edit details, contact persons and see a full project list for the customer

  • Click the column arrows to sort your search result with your preferred criteria, for example by Departure date or Status

  • Hover over the Main contact or Emergency contact to see the person's email address and phone number. These can be clicked to directly start an email or phone conversation.


Simply hover anywhere over the relevant project in the project list and a copy icon will appear. When you click the icon, Qondor takes you to the new project page with either the project or template selected to copy from.

Copy project:

Use template:

Copy project example:

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