Customer contact persons

Add, edit and delete contact persons, administer their access

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A Customer contact person can belong to one or more customers and have one or more projects. It is a user account where the user can sign in to the Offer Customer web page on a project. On the Customer web, Project managers can publish offers, lists, files, information pages and links to other web pages. A contact person must be added to a project to be able to sign in to the Customer web.


After you have saved a new customer, you can add contact persons. You can also add contact persons later by editing the customer or when creating new projects.

To add a contact person from the Customer page:

  1. Click Add new contact person

  2. Start typing the email address, and Qondor will automatically search for already registered contact persons with the same email. If a match is found, information on that contact person is filled in automatically. If there is no match, you will need to register the information manually.

  3. Click Save to add the contact person to the customer. Remember to save again to save the contact person to the customer.


  1. Go to the Customers menu --> search for the customer contact person:

2. Go into the customer profile, scroll down to the Contact Persons section.

3. Click on the customer contact you want to change, by clicking the name under the First name column.

4. A dialog will appear. You can make amendments to the email address, first name, last name or phone numbers.

6. Click save.

7. Click save again on the customer.


When logging in to view a Qondor offer for the first time, the contact person must set a personal password that is not saved anywhere in Qondor for security measures.Β 

If the contact person forgets the password or has problems logging in, the contact person can reset the password from the login page. When clicking reset password, an email address must be provided and Qondor sends a reset password link by email. When clicking on this link, the login page will open and a new password must be provided.


To delete:

  1. Access the Edit customer menu on the appropriate customer to delete the contact.

  2. Scroll down to Contact Persons and click the red icon ❌ on the contact person you want to delete. In the example below, one contact person can be deleted immediately as it does not have any projects connected to it.

The top one is connected to atleast one project and cannot be deleted (only deactivated - indicated by the blue icon. (The customer can be reactivated by clicking the blue icon.)

You cannot delete/deactivate customer contact persons who are connected to more than one project:

To delete, you must go to Project settings on the project the contact person is connected to and remove the contact person from the customer first.

πŸ“Œ Deactivated customer contact persons will be shown to Project managers as [inactive]:

Project settings ‡


Project details ‡



  1. Go to Customers and search for the relevant customer.

  2. In the Customer profile, scroll down to Contact Persons.

  3. Check the Active checkbox to reactivate the contact person and click save.

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