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Set up multi-office access for users in Qondor
Set up multi-office access for users in Qondor

How Super Administrators can give users access to multiple offices within their Qondor environment

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📒Multi-office access

Through multi-office access, Super administrators can set up Project Manager and Office administrator users that can be granted access to additional offices within the same Qondor environment. This way, your employees can work seamlessly between multiple offices without you either having to create duplicate users for each user in every office, or by elevating their privileges to Super administrator.

Multi-office users will have access to an Office selection in Qondor Admin Web there they previously only would have access to their own office. Super administrators might already be familiar with this feature from Project search.

Setup: Super administrators can per user grant multi-office access

On the create/edit user page, super administrators can add additional offices per user that they will have access to. They can also set a team per additional office.

Screenshot of the user page:

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