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Be sure to quality control the offers before sending to customer contact persons on the project

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⬜Ask a colleague to review the offer.

This is an effective way of quality controlling the offer. It is also good for transferring competence and Qondor knowledge internally.

⬜Ensure the 'Offer valid until date' is added if needed.

⬜Check that the 'Terms & conditions' are correct.

⬜Check that the Prices are up to date.

⬜Ensure that the Images and descriptions look good.

⬜Check that all links work as intended.

⬜Ensure information on the 'Customer Web frontpage' is added if needed.

⬜If you want to change the email sender address you can change this in Project Settings -> Communication & Language.


1. From the offer menu, click "Send".

2. Choose your recipient(s).

  • If you need to add a recipient, you can do this in Project Settings.

  • If there is only one active contact person in the project, this contact person is preselected.

💡Selecting a valid until date is optional if you would like to provide a date by which the offer is available until (and if you haven't already done so from Offer Settings.)

💡You can always see what the customer receives in the email, in the Communication centre.

3. Define your email subject and text. The standard email text is defined by an Office admin in Office settings but you may edit this when sending.

  • You can also add a Text template, for example one including your email signature.

  • The email will be personal for your recipients even if you are sending it to several people.

  • The offer will be automatically published when it is sent, in the case you have forgotten to do so. 

📌 If the 'Offer valid until date' has expired then Project managers will need to amend the valid until date to allow customers to respond to the offer before sending again.

💡 PRO TIP: Create a reminder to follow up on the Offer.

Checking the checkbox for 'Create reminder task with due date' will ensure a follow up task is automatically created once the offer is sent. Project managers can select which date to receive the email reminder on from here.

📌 The reminder will be received along with any other tasks due on that date.

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