• Has a colleague reviewed the offer? It is an effective way of quality controlling the offer. It is also good for transferring competence and Qondor knowledge internally.
  • Option date is added if needed
  • Terms & conditions are correct
  • Prices are double checked
  • Images and descriptions look good
  • Any links work as intended
  • Information on the Customer Web frontpage is added if needed
  • If you want to change the email sender address you can change this in Project Settings -> Communication & Language


  • From the offer menu, click "Send".
  • Choose your recipient(s). (If you need to add a recipient, you can do this in Project Settings.)
  • Selecting an option date is optional if you would like to provide a date by which the offer is available until (and if you haven't already done so from Offer Settings.)
  • Define your email subject and text. The standard email text is defined by an Office admin in Office settings but you may edit this when sending.
  • You can also add a Text template, for example one including your email signature.
  • The email will be personal for your recipients even if you are sending it to several people.
  • The offer will be automatically published when it is sent, in the case you have forgotten to do so. 


  • The offer will not be sent unless you choose at least one recipient!
  • If the option date has expired then Project managers will need to amend the option date to allow customers to respond to the offer before sending again.
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