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Customer Web Front Page
Customer Web Front Page

Give your customer a complete portal for the project and a nice introduction to their purchasing process with you - highly recommended!

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When the customer receives the offer email and clicks on the offer link, they will land on the Customer Web front page for the project.

The page will automatically publish the Project name and published offer(s):

You may define any text and/or images on this page, to be published below the project name heading.

  1. Go to Front page via Offer admin:

(πŸ“Œ Customer Web Frontpage can also be accessed via the main menu in the project, under Offers):

2. You can use a Template or add new content. Adding information to this page will help personalize your offer. We've added merge tags and an image to make the offer more personal. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

πŸ’‘ TIP: Use merge tags to personalise your offer and save time filling in offer details such as the customer contact person's name, destination or location and more!

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