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Referral payments (to be paid directly to supplier / on the spot)
Referral payments (to be paid directly to supplier / on the spot)

Here you can read about how to use referral payments and how it's presented to your customers.

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Before you proceed, make sure you read our articles on Suppliers.

To make it clear that the customer is required to pay something directly to the supplier, you can mark a product as "Referral (to be paid directly to supplier/on the spot)" on a product. This will include the pricing of the product in statistics and reports, but price will not be included in invoiced numbers in the project. 

The Project Manager can define per product whether it is a referral or not:

If you are using accommodation products, you will find this setting per Room:


  • Referral is available in all project modes

  • The price margin must always be 0%


⭐ The features below for Invoicing and Customer web requires that the office setting Display supplier information on Customer Web and Customer offer invoices is enabled.


When invoicing a referral product, you can include Supplier information and payment information on the invoice specification:

  • Supplier

    • Supplier name

    • VAT no

    • Address

  • Payment details

    • Estimated cost

    • Currency

    • Unit price and total price

Example screenshot:


On Customer Web, Qondor will add a new column "payment via". This will state Supplier if the product has an external supplier. For products without a supplier or with an internal supplier, the column will state the Office name

Example screenshot:

📧 If you want to know more, or want to activate Referral payments contact us.

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