To make it clear that a customer needs to pay something directly to the supplier, we added the option of marking a product as "Referral (to be paid directly to supplier/on the spot)" on a product. This will include the pricing of the product in statistics and reports, but will not be invoiced on the project. 

The Project Manager can define per product whether it is a referral or not:

If you are using accommodation products, you will find this setting under Rooms:

Referral's are set per room. 


  • Is available in all project modes

  • Margin must be 0%


When invoicing a referral product the supplier information will be included on the invoice specification (Supplier name, VAT no. and address).  The estimated cost to be paid and the currency set on the product will also be visible.

Estimated payment directly to supplier (EUR): Unit cost 1,100.00, Total cost 55,000.00


When the Project Manager presents referral products on Customer Web, Qondor adds a new column called "payment via". This will state "Supplier" if the product has an external supplier. For products without a supplier or with an internal supplier, the column will state the office name set in Office settings.

"Referral payment option on products" can be enabled by contacting us.

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