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Project details
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Each Project has a Project details page, where Project managers can quickly find details of the project they are looking for and keep track of their project. From here, Project managers can view:

  • Project name and number

  • Status of the project (pending, cancelled, confirmed, finished)

  • Project manager in charge of the project

  • Customer and contact person(s)

  • Location and start and end date of the project

  • and access Offer details

  • and access Form settings and bookings details

  • and update Internal, customer and supplier remarks


When you create a new Project or click to go into a project from Project search, you will be automatically directed to Project details. Another way to access Project details - when in a Project on another page - is to go to the Project tab and click details from here.

πŸ’‘ If you are in Project Settings, you can click the breadcrumb to go directly back to Project details πŸ‘‡

πŸ“Œ Edit project details from Settings.


This is the default view in Qondor πŸ‘‡

Click on Settings under the Project menu or on the Settings button towards the right hand side of the page to edit or add more project details.

The status of the project will be displayed next to the Project number and can be amended in Project Ledger.



There are three categories of remarks which Project managers can enter per project. These will only be displayed internally. These are:

  • Internal remarks - which can be any comments about the project or type. These remarks can also be standardised per project by adding it to a Project Template. For instance, the Project manager may need to ensure they capture vital information, such as dates, pax, destination, hotel, no. of rooms, set up, budget, etc. The internal remarks will then be copied over to a new project when a Project manager uses a project template to create a new project.

  • Supplier remarks - enter any remarks or comments about the suppliers on the project or to log requirements discussed with a supplier during the project.

  • Customer remarks - this is useful to record details about the customer, for example a preference for accommodation, cuisine or anything else that may need to be logged. This will be saved in the Customer profile and appear on any project where the customer is.

How to add remarks

Click the three dots to add internal remarks, supplier info or add remarks to a customer profile.

Information entered here will then appear in Project details at the bottom of the page.

If this is left empty, then the remarks boxes will not be visible.

Otherwise you can view remarks about the project, any suppliers involved or remarks about the customer. It is also possible to enter and edit remarks from this page by using the icon highlighted in yellow, for a quick and easy update.


Click on the icons towards the top right hand page, for quick access to Project Settings, Project Ledger, Project Files or to view or add Suppliers to your project.

πŸ’‘ If you need a print out of Project details, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+P.



Clicking on the assigned customer (the blue text) will take you directly to the customer's profile. In edit customer, you can update any details about the customer or add new customer contacts.


Instantly view which customer contacts are main and emergency contact along with their contact details.

In the example above, John Doe is both the main and emergency contact for this project.


View and access all offers

View all offers and click the offer name to go directly to Offer admin.

πŸ“Œ Form products will only appear if you are using Qondor Forms and have a form enabled in your project.

Access Customer web
Head straight to the customer web portal by clicking


This is where to go to answer an offer on behalf of a customer.

View crucial offer details
The following details can also be viewed: location, offer status, if the offer has been published, and when the offer was last sent and last viewed by the customer/recipient.

Preview offer
An offer preview can also be accessed from here by clicking the preview icon. (πŸ‘)

Set a main offer
If there is more than one offer, it is also possible to set or change which offer is the main offer from here, by simply clicking the grey dollar symbol ($) in the main offer's row. A green dollar symbol indicates that this is the main offer.

FORM DEADLINES/BOOKING DETAILS - only visible if you are using Qondor Forms and have a form enabled in your project.

View the total number of bookings and participants.
Click Booking list to view all bookings in the project.

View any deadlines (if enabled in Form settings) and access Form settings directly from here.

Booking based financials

View Total sales, Total paid by CC, Total paid by invoice and Total unpaid.

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