To launch a registration form you need to complete Form settings. Below, all options are explained in order of appearance.


  • Publish the form before going live.

  • Check Updating when you need to make updates to your form. Bookers will not be able to make bookings whilst you make amendments.Remember to uncheck this when you are done!

  • If everyone needs an invitation from Qondor to register, enable Invitation only.

  • The default country in the screenshot above is set to use the participant's web language settings, however in a case where participants are domestic, then you may want to select the default country from the drop down list. For example, if the Project manager selects United Kingdom then the country and mobile country code will be pre-selected as United Kingdom for the booker.

  • If you are using Participant categories, and the default text "Category" as seen above is not suitable for your form, you can change it in the field Participant category text.


  • Set Deadline for registration: After this date, bookers cannot make new bookings or edit bookings. From this point, it is all up to you.

  • Deadline for anonymous registration: Set the date for when name reporting will be required. Applies to single and multibookings.

  • Allow changes by booker & Deadline for change: This is useful when you want to have control over changes that the bookers can do themselves. Sometimes you may want to have control over changes but, still accept new registrations. The deadline for change cannot be after the deadline for registration.

  • Do you want bookers to register multiple persons in the same booking? If so, check allow multibooking. You can also enable anonymous multibookings, which means that bookers do not need to provide names for the others in the same booking until the deadline for anonymous registration is due. Also, consider how many participants should be allowed in one multibooking.


  • Specify sender name and email. Sender email should be the email address you want to receive email replies and nondelivery reports to. Spam note: The risk of confirmation email being classified as spam is higher if you choose an email address other than your own domain.

  • Insert the [LOGIN_LINK] into the email text, or decide that you do not need it. You need to do this to be able to save Form Settings. If bookers should be able to make booking changes themselves, this link must be included in the email.

  • You are able to send a test email to yourself as the project manager, to see how the email looks before you activate the booking form. Note that you will not receive any active login_link as you are not a registered booker on the form.

  • Choose to add a logo to appear on pdf booking confirmations. You can upload your company logo or your customer's, if required. (N.B. To set a default logo for all new projects, just contact us and we'll set it up!)

  • Consider adding a calendar event to the confirmation email. The calendar event can be customized with a name, date and time just like a normal calendar invite.


  • Define the layout and design. You may choose specific colours, logo, font type and background image. See this short video of how easy it is to set a specific design.


  • If you are collecting booking payments, you need to Enable participant payments. See this article for how to activate payment on a form.

  • If you want to update the payment heading and text that displays on the form, you can do this from Form Builder. The payment text is shown on top of the payment step.

  • If Payment is activated, terms & conditions are mandatory. You can activate terms and conditions and define text in Form--> Builder --> Summary.

  • You can shorten the web link that people access to book. Simply add your desired link name. Please note that it can only be used once. Qondor will display a message if it has already been taken elsewhere and the message will also show which project. 

  • You can delete a registered shortlink if needed, but the link will then no longer work so please bear this in mind if you have already distributed the deleted link.

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