A multi booking is one booking with one booker but with several participants connected to the booking. Multi booking forms are ideal for participants who are bringing a partner to an event, or if several from the same company are attending the same event.

The multi booking option should not be used with manual name reporting (available only on accommodation products) as the lists will not show correct information. The project manager must choose one or the other.

Enable multi booking

The multi booking process

Communicating with bookers and participants

Edit multibooking


In Form settings -> Deadlines & Booking types, simply check 'Allow multi booking' and specify how many additional participants can be registered per booking.

Check 'Allow anonymous multi booking' to allow bookers to register the number of participants without completing names. A deadline for reporting names can also be set. Project managers will need to follow up on bookings with incomplete name reporting in due time.

It is also possible to add additional fields for additional participants.

Additional fields for both the booker and additional participants can be added in Participant -> Participant custom fields.

Any Participant Custom Fields created by the project manager will apply to all participants in the booking.


On the first step of the form, the booker can scroll down and select the number of participants from the drop down list. In this example, there are several participant categories provided with a mandatory registration code. This is optional.

The next step will require the booker to complete the names of the participants (unless anonymous name reporting is enabled).

💡 TIP: The booker can 'import names' to avoid typing manually.

As the booker proceeds through the booking, they will be able to select which participants they would like to reserve products for.


💡 GOOD TO KNOW: if the number of participants in the same category is the same as the number of booked products in the category, then all participant checkboxes will automatically be checked.

ℹ As with a normal booking, the booker needs to accept the terms and conditions and confirm the booking. 

ℹ Only the booker will receive the booking confirmation and has access to view/edit the booking.


The Project manager is able to communicate with all participants (if contact information has been obtained) connected to the booking.

The simplest way to do this is to head to the relevant booking --> select email or SMS 

A dialog will open and the following message will appear:

Select whether to send to all participants or only to the booker.


Booker and Project Manager

The main booker is responsible for the whole booking and will be able to view or edit the booking, by clicking the login link in their confirmation email. 

The Project manager can view and edit the booking from Qondor, (via Participants, Bookings or Lists) by clicking the relevant booking reference which will take them to the booking details.

👉 Refer to the edit bookings article for a step by step on the above.

Along with being able to edit all details and products, including those of the participants (name change, add or amend contact details, etc.) the person editing can also reduce or add participants. For example below, I have previously registered three additional participants, now I will only have one person attend.

Here, Qondor asks me to confirm the participants I am removing from the booking. Hit confirm to remove the participant(s) and remember to confirm the whole booking!


Single bookings timeout after 20 minutes, but in a multibooking the 20 minute timer resets each time you leave the last name field on an additional person to go to the complete the next.

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