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Project settings
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Project settings is where you can:

  • Complete more details for the project;

  • Amend settings or information for the project;

  • Record other Project managers involved in the project;

  • Define the language for an offer or form to personalise your customer's experience.

Project settings can be found under the Project menu:

You will be directed to the following page 👇



⭐ = Mandatory settings

⭐ Project name

This name will be visible to customers as well. Use a descriptive name that is understandable both for you and your customer.

Number of persons

This is used internally and in reports.

Registration date

This is for information only and displays the date the project was created.

⭐ Project category, Lead from

(if activated)

Alternatives for these settings are defined by Office administrators under the Office menu -> Project categories and Leads from.

⭐ Project retention policy

These will be pre-defined for you. Choose a retention policy from the drop down list.

According to GDPR Article 28.3.g, Qondor as the Data Processor must delete or return all participants' personal information to you at the time of your choice. This option enables companies to comply with this law.

Project custom fields (not visible in the screenshot)

A Super or Office admin can create new fields, relevant for your company. These will be added to Project settings and are ideal for reporting purposes.

⭐ Customer

Customer information is mandatory information for a project.

Click the edit icon to edit the existing customer.

To change the customer, simply overtype the customer's name in the text box, and matches will drop down under the text box. Click a customer's name to select it.

Click +add customer to add a new customer.

Available contact persons

Add more contact persons to the project by selecting from the drop down list.

Click +add new within the drop down to add a new contact person.

Location IATA code (if activated)

Specify or amend the IATA code if this is relevant for you and choose the desired location from the dropdown menu.

This will autofill the Location field below.

The Location IATA code field can be disabled in Office settings.


This is a free field text that can be amended. If you are using the IATA code, you are still able to amend the Location display text to make it more suited for you and your customer to view.

The location is copied into new offers that you create, and when searching for images the location codes will help you find more relevant images.

⭐ Start date & End date

The dates here can be amended.

The start date and end date are used for reporting and these dates also define when the project has status Ongoing and To be finalised.


Register the Project managers who have an involvement in the project. You can register as many co-project managers as required.

Registered Project managers will see the project under "My projects" on the Home screen, and will show up in reports. The involvement percentage is used to define the Project managers' effort on the project in relation to each other. The sum of all involvement must be 100%.

For example, if three project managers are working on a project, and one has 50% of the workload, and the other two have 25% of the workload each, you can simply type in 50, 25 and 25 in this section.


These settings are standard and defined in your Office settings by Office administrators. You can however change this per project if needed.


If you need another language on the offer or form for the project. This is great for personalising your offering for your customer!

Choose from: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish (Belgian), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.


Email to use in the project: the email address used to send emails and the contact email address.

Email address for invoice specifications: The email address will be listed as a possible recipient when creating invoices, and will also receive a copy of invoices created from bookings.

Custom SMS sender: this is the sender name that will appear to a recipient if sending SMS messages. The sender name can be a maximum of 11 characters.

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