As a data controller, you have an obligation under GDPR to stop processing participants' personal information when you don't need it anymore. According to GDPR Article 28.3.g, Qondor as the Data Processor must delete or return all participants' personal information to you at the time of your choice. We have made it easier for you to comply with this responsibility by introducing personal data retention policies which you can define and set for your projects.

You can read more about retention policies in Wikipedia here

In more practical terms; the retention policy in a project will determine how long Qondor stores communication and personal information on participants registered in the project before it will be anonymised. The retention policy (anonymisation) will be activated x number of months after the project status is set to either Cancelled or Finished.

N.B. Once a project has been anonymised, participants' personal data cannot be recovered!
View an overview of what data will be deleted or anonymised


  • Super administrators and Office administrators can edit retention policies in Office -> Project retention policies.

  • Qondor has set the "Default retention policy" to 120 months (10 years) in all existing projects, and this will be default for all new projects as well, unless you edit the default setting. By editing the default, you will affect all existing projects.

  • You can edit the default retention policy for your office and add new ones. Remember that the number format is in months, not years. One month is the shortest duration available.


After creating retention policies, Super administrators and Office administrators can also set the default project retention policy for new projects in Office -> Settings -> General:


In existing projects, like described above, the default retention policy has already been set by Qondor, or been updated by your Super administrator or Office administrator.

When creating a new project, your office's default retention policy will be pre selected by Qondor. In Project Settings, Project managers can choose between your office's retention policies in the drop down list. You can change the retention policy anytime until it is actually anonymised.


In Project Search, an anonymised project will be flagged with an anonymised icon:

In Project Details, an anonymised project will be flagged in Project Details:


You can anonymise information for projects with an expired retention policy, by accessing the Office menu and Project anonymisation. Here you will see all projects ready to be anonymised, and can choose to anonymise one, several or all projects in the list by the click of a button.

Learn more about project anonymisation here

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