Some customers may not want to answer the offer online, and thus give you a reply elsewhere (for example, via email or verbally via telephone). In this case, you would have to complete their response, which is fine as long as you have the consent you need to proceed with the project and make sure you are legally covered. 

In these scenarios, it's smart for Project managers to then answer the offer on behalf of the customer and send them the Qondor confirmation. This way you can ensure you have everything updated and the customer has the same confirmation as you. It's super easy, just follow this simple guide:

  1. Make sure you are a Project manager in the project where the offer is published:

    📌 The Project manager can be amended from Project settings --> Project managers.

  2. Access Project Details and click the "Customer Web" button in the Offers section:

  3. Access the offer you want to answer:

  4. Answer all available price lines with your customer's preferences and accept any terms and conditions. Send your reply.

  5. You as the Project manager receives an offer confirmation by email (your customer receives nothing automatically in this case).

  6. Forward the confirmation to your customer and make sure to include a note to explain that this is the contract you have agreed on. Give the customer a chance to verify that the contract is as expected to avoid any misunderstandings.

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