Customer invoice custom fields
Add customer specific fields to be completed on customer invoice specifications
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Invoice custom fields in Qondor can be used to add additional information to invoice specifications if any customers require this. Invoice custom fields can be inserted through our API or on a customer's profile directly in Qondor. They can then be filled in by a Project manager when creating invoice specifications for that particular customer.

โ• Only Office and Super admins have access to create and edit invoice custom fields.


When editing a Customer, you will see all existing invoice custom fields at the bottom of your customer card, right below the Customer remarks. Hit the Edit button to add new ones. Once an invoice custom field has been added to the customer, it is available on any new invoice specifications created for that Customer.

Screenshot from the Customer card:

Screenshot from editing the Invoice custom fields:

Screenshot from creating an invoice specification:


Heading: Set a field heading
Description: Set a description of the field as a help text to your Project managers.
Mandatory: Select whether the field is mandatory or not.
External reference: Set the identifier to the field in your internal system if needed.
Field type: Select between type Textbox and Dropdown.

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