Qondor has three user access levels to reflect the different roles and responsibilities in your organisation. These are: Project manager, Office admin and Super admin. User access point is set when administering users under the "Users" menu. 

Users are registered in the Users menu by Office admins or Super admins.
Learn how to register users here.


This is the standard user role and sufficient for the great majority of users.

  • Has access to and can work with all project features

  • Can create and administer personal text templates

  • Can create and administer customers.

Contact us at support@qondor.com to register your first Project manager.


Each office should have at least one Office admin. In addition to the standard Project manager access, an Office admin can:

Contact us at support@qondor.com to register your first Office admin.


Companies with several Qondor offices should have a Super admin, who can access projects across offices. In addition to Office admin rights, a Super admin can:

  • Search for and access projects in one or all of the company's offices, from Project search. A Super admin belongs to one office and this will be pre-selected in the search but can be removed.

  • See, administer and add Users and Teams for all offices in your company

  • Promote other users to the Super admin role

  • Delete own projects under “My projects”

  • Delete offers in “Project details”

  • Beware that only duplicates and wrongly registered offers and projects should be deleted as you are not able to get them back.

  • Administer global suppliers

Contact us at support@qondor.com to register your first Super admin.

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