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Limited Project manager
Limited Project manager

Enable staff or customers access to specific projects only with Limited Project manager access

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Enable users or customers to work on a project and at the same time ensure they don't have access to all projects / all data in your office (for instance your customer list). This access can be enabled via a new access level - Limited Project manager.


This user has access to the same as those with the access level "Project Manager" excluding the following:


  • Cannot create projects.

  • Only has access to projects to which they are assigned to (in Project settings --> Project managers).

  • Has limited filter options in Project search (cannot see filters on: Customer, Contact person, Project manager, Office, Supplier.)


  • No access to Customers. (Cannot click onto a Customer from a project either.)

  • Cannot change Customer on Project settings

  • Cannot see Customer remarks under Project details

  • Cannot see Customer Search button inside Customer form invoice and Customer offer invoice


  • Only has access to the tasks they are assigned to or tasks which are connected to a project the user is assigned to.


  • Cannot click the product names, project names or offer names in Product search if the products do not belong to the user's projects.

  • Can in Product search copy products from project templates and own projects.


  • No access to Suppliers. (Can view Suppliers but cannot add new suppliers.)

  • Cannot filter on Supplier and Supplier category in Product search

Sending emails

  • A Limited Project Manager user with another email domain than your domain, are not able to send e-mails from their own e-mail address in Qondor.


Set the access level in Users

Office or Super admins need to send a request to first, so we can enable the access level in your office. Once enabled, Office or Super admins will see Limited Project Manager available in the Access Level drop down field πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Simply select and save the new access level in the user profile.

Any user can then assign projects to project managers with the new access level.



We will bill a new user for each month they are able to sign in to the system at the same price as an existing user if they are on a per user payment plan.

Terms & Conditions

  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the Limited Project manager user uses Qondor in compliance with the Qondor agreement and the data processing agreement.

  • If the customer has enabled SMS-messaging, and a Limited Project manager-user abuses this service, the customer is liable for any costs.

  • A Limited Project manager user is able to send e-mails from the customers' domain name, so it is important to inform the user about what they can and can't do.

  • The customer is responsible for training and support for the Limited Project manager.

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