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Qondor Business Intelligence
Qondor Business Intelligence

A set of dashboards that provide you and your business invaluable insights and reports into the details of your business.

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We are thrilled to announce the brand new Qondor Business Intelligence suite. This is a set of dashboards that provide you and your business invaluable insights into the details of your business.


  • Projects created and started based on month and year to keep track of what's happening.

  • Weekly performance shows created, confirmed and started projects for last week, and you can see what has happened each week as well. This chart only shows projects that starts this year. Hover to see more information on each bar.

  • Sales insights showing Estimated Sales and Revenue per month and cumulated during a year. You can even compare to previous years by selecting in the filter menu, just hold CTRL while clicking to multi-select.

  • Customer insights gives you Estimated sales and Revenue data per customer, as well as hitrate and other key metrics per customer.

  • Project insights provides all details per project, including budget numbers, confirmed numbers and invoiced numbers as well.

  • Forms shows the value of all bookings/registrations by month, and can be used to see when revenue comes in. Particularly useful if you want to see timeline of ticket sales etc

  • PM & Teams insights shows the productivity of your team and can be used to drive best practices.

  • Destinations shows selected numbers and insights per Project Location

  • Lead and planning times shows developement in lead time (number of days from project is created to confirmed) and planning time (number of days from confirmed to start date)

  • Invoice amounts shows how much you have invoiced every month. Issuemonth means the month of issue of the invoice, and the columns show the year of the project. If an invoice is issued the year before the month is 0, and if it is issued the year after the issuemonth is 13. PS: Currency amounts are calculated based on todays currency exchange rates for reporting, so differences are the same but totals may not be accurat due to exchange rate fluctuations

  • Supplier on invoices shows which suppliers you have attached to projects that are invoiced to you customers. This can be used to report on recognized supplier revenue.

  • Cancellations provides insights into why your customers does not use your services, and helps you tune your offering.

  • Categories and Lead from show where your business comes from.

  • Contact persons shows all contacts with e-mail addresses that are registered on a project for a given time. This can be used to export into other systems for information or marketing purposes.


Office admins and Super admins have access to Qondor BI. To access Qondor BI, hover over REPORTS and click Qondor BI Essentials.

Tips on how to use the reports:

💡 Select multiple years using CTRL-click to compare year-to-year:

💡 Click the three dots ... and Export data to export to Excel:

💡 Click focus mode to make the selected visual larger

💡 If you sell in multiple currencies, only the estimated sales & revenue numbers are calculated into your chosen currency* based, not other numbers. Hence, you cannot sum "confirmed sales" if you have multiple currencies. Currencies conversions are based on today's currency exchange rate, and should be treated as an indicative number.

📌Chosen currency* is the default currency set in your office, unless you have Project currencies enabled in your office and have chosen a different currency for projects.

💡 Data caching:

For performance reasons, the underlying data set is refreshed every night as a scheduled task. However, it is possible to start a manual data refresh by clicking the Update Dataset button in the Reports menu. ⬇️


👂 We love feedback, and any feedback on types of report and content is greatly appreciated. Just click the chat-bubble and send us your feedback.

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