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Offer and invoice in an alternative currency to the office currency in a project

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When starting with Qondor, an office currency is selected. This will typically be the currency of the country in which you operate. This means that all created projects across your office will be offered and invoiced in that currency. However, your organisation may not always offer products in one currency to all your customers. There may be occasions where you need to offer and invoice projects in a currency other than the office currency.

In those cases, Project managers can define a currency per project.


Set the required currency in a project

If a Project manager needs to use a currency other than the currency available in their office, they can select a different currency when creating a new project, see example πŸ‘‡πŸ½

or via Project settings πŸ‘‡πŸ½

This will override the office currency for the project.

πŸ’‘ Good to know

Project managers can make changes to a project currency via Project settings up until an offer has been invoiced or the project has a form booking. However, please note that only the currency code will be updated. Any numbers/prices will not be updated following a change and will need to be amended manually.


The selected Project currency code is displayed by default in the following places in Qondor admin:

  • The total price at the bottom of Customer web (Offer)

  • The following pdfs:

    • Booking invoice specification

    • Customer offer invoice specification

    • Customer form invoice specification

  • Project Details

  • Project Ledger

  • Offer admin

β„Ή The currency code is always displayed on forms.

Project managers can use the merge tag [project.currency] across Qondor so that Qondor automatically retrieves the currency being used in the project on customer facing pages to save time on manual input.


If there are several currencies being used in one office, Superusers can view the data per currency in Insights by using the currency filter.

β„Ή It is not possible see all figures together across currencies in Insights since we currently do not calculate based on the exchange rate here.


The following two project currency fields are available in the reporting API:

  • ProjectBaseCurrency (e.g.: NOK)

  • ProjectBaseCurrencyCode (e.g.: 578)

    β„Ή OfficeCurrencyCode should no longer be used as it is an expired field.


❗ Things to check before using Project currency:

  • Companies with invoice integrations

  1. If you want to invoice in a foreign currency then you must verify that the invoicing system supports this.

  2. If you have an invoice integration with Qondor, it is important to test invoicing in foreign currency before you implement this in production.

  • Agreement with your payment service provider

Check that your payment service provider supports foreign currency and specifically the currencies you would like to use in sales.

Enable Project currency

We are also here consult to ensure you are able to use Project currencies and gain value from it. If Project currency should be enabled in your office, an Office or Super administrator can contact We will need a list of currencies required for use in your office.

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