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Build and report on Suppliers

How Office and Super admins can create and administer a supplier database to enable Project managers to generate data on use of suppliers

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Project managers will most likely work with suppliers all the time, and often communicate back and forth with different suppliers to ensure the best selection and prices for your customers and your business. A supplier could be an airline, hotel, DMC/agent, event management company, train company, restaurant, etc. Having a supplier database in Qondor will make it easier to work with suppliers, and quicker to send initial requests at once to several suppliers, allowing Project managers to be more time efficient.

Users with Office or Super admin access can:

  • Manually add suppliers or Import an existing bulk list for Project managers to readily work with;

  • Create supplier categories to categorise suppliers;

  • Set up a standard Request for proposal (RFP) email for Project managers to use when sending RFPs.

  • Super admins can define which suppliers should be available for use globally (in all offices) or a particular office. (When inserting suppliers to a project, the Project manager will then be able to choose global suppliers or the suppliers connected to their office.)



If you would like to use Suppliers in your office(s), contact us via and we'll have this enabled within the day for you.


Here Office and Super admins can also search for previously added suppliers.Β 

To add a new supplier manually, click New Supplier.Β 

Here you will be required to fill in Supplier name and address, other information is not mandatory.

In some cases, suppliers might not have a direct contact person. Instead, the contact may be a company email or similar. Use the email field to store this address, if you don't want to connect a contact person.

πŸ“Œ This email address can still be chosen as a contact point when adding a supplier to a project.

You have the option to fill in remarks about the supplier if there is any important information you want to be visible internally.

Chain or brand

πŸ’‘ You can also create/allocate a Chain and/or Brand on the supplier by searching for the Chain and/or brand. You can also create a new one by filling in the field and saving the supplier.
(This is useful for reporting on; scroll to the bottom of this article to find out how to report on this.)

πŸ’‘ Internal or external supplier?Β 

If the supplier is an internal supplier, you can check the option below brand to distinguish between internal (in-house) and external suppliers for reporting and invoicing purposes.

πŸ“Œ Define which office/s the supplier should be available to (Super admins only)
​ If you have more than one office in Qondor, Super admins can decide whether the supplier should be available for use in all offices or a particular office.

  • Select Global from the Office dropdown list to make the supplier available to all offices.

  • Select the desired office from the Office dropdown list to make the office available to a particular office.

Super admins can also filter on Office category from Suppliers. Select the office you want to see the suppliers for or select Global to see only Global suppliers.Β 

Note: Category filter - Only the supplier categories available for the selected office will be available.


Click 'add new contact person'.Β 

When you start typing the email address, Qondor will automatically search for already registered contact persons with the same email. If a match is found, their details are filled in automatically. Otherwise, Project managers can always register the details manually for new contacts.

It is also possible to edit a contact person by clicking on their name. By clicking 'show details', Project managers can view projects where this person is set as a contact person.

πŸ“Œ If you have more than one office with global suppliers, any supplier contact persons connected to a global supplier will also be available globally, meaning that you will only need to add the supplier contact once and they can be administered from one office.


There are three supplier statuses in Qondor, making it easy for Project managers to determine which suppliers to use as they can filter by status when searching. These are shown below:

πŸ“Œ Suppliers with the status β€œdo not use” are not available in the search.


To create Supplier categories go to Suppliers and click the three dotted menu to access Supplier categories.

Simply add your supplier categories and choose names that are easily identifiable. For example, Airline, DMC, Hotel, Restaurant etc.

  • Supplier categories that are no longer in use can be deactivated by clicking the 🚫 symbol on that row.

  • Only active supplier categories will be visible, but if you need to view those that are deactivated, you can click All to the top right which will bring up all suppliers.

❕If your Qondor has more than one office, Super admins can define which office the category should belong to or whether it should be 'Global' and applicable for all offices:


In Office Settings --> Emails you are able to define a standard text for emails/requests sent to suppliers. This will create a default email for Project managers when they choose to send a request to suppliers, saving them time and keeping emails consistent. Project managers can amend the email within their project if they need to.Β 


Data on the use of suppliers on projects and products are available through the Qondor Reporting API. Data from Chains and Brands per product can be returned from the Statistics API.
​Learn how Project managers can add and work with suppliers in projects.

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