When a project is postponed to a later date, we strongly recommend updating project data to reflect the change both internally and to customers and participants. 

Project managers can view tips below on what to consider when a project is postponed and where data in Qondor should be updated.


  • Which customer contact persons should be updated with new dates and do I need new confirmations from the customer?

  • Which suppliers need to be notified and which agreements with suppliers must be amended/cancelled/rebooked?

  • Do I need to update any programs and distribute program links to customers and participants?

  • Do I need to update anything on a registration form?

  • Do I have participants and/or bookers I need to inform?

  • Do participants and/or bookers need to update or reconfirm their attendance?

  • Do I need to send new invitations to potential or invited participants reflecting the new dates?

  • Do I need to cancel any bookings and ask for new bookings on a new or updated registration form?

  • Do I need to send out new booking confirmations reflecting the date change?

  • Do I need to update booking balances or credit any payments because new bookings should be made or existing ones should be updated?


  • Start and End date in Project settings should be updated for accurate reporting and search results.

  • Consider adding an internal remark in Project details on the postponement including original dates and why the project was postponed.

  • The project name may include dates and should in that case be updated.

  • Any dates in offer(s) to customers should be updated or new offer(s) should be created for the customer to accept new dates and potentially new prices, products and conditions. Remember to update the Customer Web front page to reflect the new dates as well. Offer names may include dates too and should in that case be updated.

  • Dates in programs to customers and participants should be updated.

  • Any tasks for the project should be updated with correct due date reflecting the new dates.

  • Any menu items mentioning project dates should be updated.

For projects with a registration form

  • In Form settings, deadlines, texts, booking confirmation email, calendar event and payment settings should reflect the new dates.

  • Form front page texts should be updated to reflect the new dates.

  • Any introductory heading or text and participant custom fields on the personal details step mentioning project dates should be updated.

  • Any form product names, descriptions or alternatives mentioning or including dates in Form builder should be considered updated.

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