With Menu Items, Project Managers can strengthen their sales process and provide more value for customers. 

Achieve this by including extra information that will help your customers, such as additional products/services to sell more, more details about the company, more about hotels you have proposed, share files or documents which your participants may need access to, important contact details and/or any other information you consider to be useful.
Menu Items provide a list of options from which your customer can choose from, making it easy to navigate between pages. They are great to include when sending an offer, creating a registration form or program. Menu items allow you to easily include any other information you may want to share with your customer, are visible and can be accessed by just one click.


Here’s how to add Menu Items to your offer, registration form or program:

  1. In your project, head to MENU ITEMS. 
  2. Click on the icon for the menu item you want to create. You can choose from: Link, File, Content page. A list of fields will appear on the right.

Name: is the name of your menu item.

You can decide whether you would like to send your customer to a new window or keep them on the same page, by checking or unchecking Open in new window.

You can choose from different types of content such as:

Link: which will redirect the user to the link address – perhaps you want to include a link to your company website or a proposed program. Paste in the desired URL.

File: Upload a file which the user can view or download. If you are using this for offers, perhaps to sell event space, then this could be floor plans or banqueting menus. 

This is how it appears when you choose this type of content:

Content page: This will display any information you write in the HTML editor provided when you click this option – use this to include any extra information. This could be a list of suppliers or contact details. If using a menu item on your registration form or program, for instance for a congress, you may want to provide more detailed information about lectures taking place and who the lecturers will be. 

A title is required here.

Here's how it looks when you publish this type of content:

You can edit the text colour and insert images and links.

📌 Note! Always upload images to Project files first and use the public url generated from here to insert an image into a menu item.


You can Publish to your form, offer or program.

And voila! Below is the finished result. 

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