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Menu Items

Display additional information to customers and participants on Customer Web, Participant Web and Programs

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Menu items are similar to buttons, giving customers a list of choices they can click on to go to different parts of the website making it easy to navigate between pages. They usually appear at the top of the page or in a navigation bar and can be added to an offer, registration form or program.


Project Managers can strengthen their sales efforts and provide more value for customers. Achieve this by including extra information that will help your customers, such as:

  • Additional products/services to sell more;

  • More details about the company;

  • More about hotels you have proposed;

  • Share files or documents which your participants may need access to;

  • Important contact details and/or any other information you consider to be useful.


Watch how to add a menu item or follow the step by step further down.

Snippet taken from the Form advanced webinar.

Here’s how to add Menu Items to your offer, registration form or program:

  1. In your project, head to MENU ITEMS. 

  2. Click on the icon for the menu item you want to create. You can choose from: Link, File, Content page. A list of fields will appear on the right.

Name: is the name of your menu item.

You can decide whether you would like to send your customer to a new window or keep them on the same page, by checking or unchecking Open in new window.


You can choose from different types of content.

Link to a website

This will redirect the user to the link address – perhaps you want to include a custom link to your company website. Paste in the desired URL.

Using the link type, you can also link to various pages in your project, and add the following:

  • A link to Form Front Page

  • A link to Form First Step

  • A link to any published Program

  • A link to any published Project File

The link will be validated, if it is invalid then you will receive an error message.

📌Project file links in copied projects: If you copy the project, the link will be copied too and will work, however the project file itself will not be copied over into the project. The project file link will be the one from the original project.

Content page

This will display any information you write in the HTML editor provided when you click this option – use this to include any extra information. This could be a list of suppliers or contact details, frequently asked questions, presentation of speakers, etc.

A title is required here, which will be visible at the top of the page.

Select whether you want this to be displayed on an Offer, Form, or Program.

Here's how it looks when you publish this type of content:

You can edit the text colour and insert images and links.

📌 If you want to include an image or a file in a content page, follow the steps in this article: Insert images or documents in a text box.


Upload a file which the user can view or download. If you are using this for offers, perhaps to sell event space, then this could be floor plans or banqueting menus. 

This is how it appears when you choose this type of content:


You can Publish to your form, offer or program.

And voila! Below is the finished result. 

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