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Communicate directly with participants to keep them updated

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If Project managers have participants in their projects, they may want to communicate with them by email directly in Qondor, and keep track of communications all in one place.

Send emails in Qondor to communicate anything you need, share a program or important information.


Head to Participant --> Participants. You must have participants in your project. You can add them manually or import participants from an Excel file.

Any participants registered through bookings on a registration form in the project will be visible here too.

Manually select the participants you would like to email, or tick the top checkbox to send to all your participants.

Click the email button.

💡If you want to quickly send an email to one participant, hover over the participant card next to the email address. This will reveal the popover menu which contains relevant information and an option to email that participant directly in the project.

The email dialog will open. Type your message. You will be able to see the number of emails going out. You can even attach a file. Once complete, you can send the email immediately or schedule the email to be sent at a later time.


If you have created one or several programs, you can include the link to the program via an email in Qondor.

Follow the same steps as above; if you have a program in Qondor then the 'insert program link' tag will automatically be available for you to insert into the email body. If you have several, then you can custom select the program which should go to the participant. 

If you haven't had a go at making a program yet, why not give it a try? Read more about programs here.


❗ Beware that sending several thousand emails in one operation may cause issues and delays and should be avoided. We recommend sending large amounts in bulk of up to 1000 per operation. You can for example filter on Last name and include participants with last names starting with a range of letters, depending on the total amount of recipients you are sending to. 

Contact Qondor Support if you are unsure of how to handle your scenario.


You can view a history of all communications in Qondor by heading to Project --> Communication Center.  

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