When building a registration form, Project managers may be required to present different choices to bookers. Products are useful for:

For simple forms where the above is not necessary, build your form without products by following this simple step by step guide.


Once you have enabled Form in your project, you need to head to Form Builder. On the left hand side, you will see a bar like below:

To create products, you will begin by adding a new step

A blank Form Step dialog will appear on the right. Give this page a mandatory heading to be displayed at the top of the relevant page in your form. Adding a description is optional.

This step dialog will then expand on the left hand side, allowing you to add product elements. This is where you determine what to include on your form step. 

To create a product you must choose from Accommodation, Product or Choose Between Products by clicking the relevant icon. Read more about how you can use these products below and click the links to find out how to create them.


Accommodation products are essentially for Project managers who would like to present hotel(s) or other overnight accommodation options for the booker. 


Standard products can be created for a variety of products, for example: a workshop, an activity, a meeting room, restaurant booking, and so on. This type of product is also good to use when a product does not require a price, but you perhaps need to pose a question to the booker.

Transport products can be created when you are offering flight tickets or train tickets. Qondor supports a copy/paste from Amadeus for flight information.

Learn how to add these products here.


The Choose between products option is useful for when you want to offer several products from which the booker must select only one.


You can publish products to the form from the Form Builder page. (The place where you started.) A product is by default published to everyone, but you can choose between the following:

  • Everyone (who has access to the form)

  • Project managers only

  • No one


  • You can remove products from a form element by clicking "DELETE". It will not be deleted from your project, only from your Form. It will be available for use in other form elements you have or will create.

  • Products already booked cannot be removed from the form. The closed padlock icon next to the product name indicates that the product has approved or in progress bookings. If you want to remove products from the form that cannot be removed due to being booked, you have two options:

  1. Delete the approved and in progress bookings only if you are in the test phase (never delete actual customer bookings), and you can then remove the product by clicking "DELETE".

  2. Set the form element as Published to "No one". Then the product will no longer be displayed on the form and will not be bookable.

Remove Choose Between or Accommodation products.

Click the red bin next to the individual product to remove a product from a Choose Between or Accommodation element. (The same rule applies as above if the products have been booked or are being booked.)

Screenshot from Choose Between element

🗑 To remove the whole form element, click the "DELETE" button.

💡 Use the arrows to rearrange the order of the products:

GIF taken from Accommodation element

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