When building your offer or editing an existing one your customer has already received, it's important to work both effectively and quality-assuring. In Offer admin there are many smart features to help you do just that.


Full page Edit view

To edit what you see on the main page, simply click "Edit" to the top right or ALT+E. 

The following can be edited here:

  • Default margin for your offer

  • Product name

  • Price article (VAT) per product

  • Quantity per product

  • In price currency per product

  • In price per product

  • Margin per product

  • Selling price per product

Edit as needed, and Qondor will display changed cells with a green border for clarity. Click "Save" or Alt+S to save changes or cancel to proceed without saving changes.

Context menu per product

To save time, use the context menu to the right of each product name to do quick updates instead of going into full product edit. 

Here you can:

  • Insert a new product exactly where you want it, either within a group or on its own

  • Insert a new product by searching and adding it from Product search

  • Set the offer status on a product

  • Duplicate a product (or product group)

  • Set a product to published/unpublished

  • Delete a product

Edit product image and description

1. Click on the product name to enter full product edit 

2. Navigate to "Offer design"
3. Edit image(s) or text

💡 Check out the Image templates and image sliders article for tips on how to best present your images or include an image slider.

Bulk Edit (publish/unpublish or bulk delete products and text elements)

To be more effective and save you unnecessary clicks and navigation, you can update product status and quantity on several products in one operation. You can also unpublish products or text elements, in the case that you want to keep them in Offer admin but don't want to display them on the offer until a later time.

  1. In Edit mode, select the products you want to edit/delete

  2. Click "bulk edit" or "bulk delete"

  3. Bulk edit: Choose whether you want to update offer status and/or quantity or publish/unpublish products. Make your changes and click Confirm. Bulk delete: click OK to confirm

See below:


From the main offer page, go to "Settings".

Read about Offer Settings here

Edit foreign currencies

  1. Navigate to Offer Settings and "Currencies".

  2. Change your exchange rate for price calculation or add more foreign currencies for products you are purchasing on behalf of your customer.

Read about how to work with currencies here

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