Release notes 2023
Summary of improvements and product updates to Qondor
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Qondor release - Week 21 (2023)

29 May 2023

What's new

Qondor release - Week 19 (2023)

11 May 2023

What's new

Offer terms & conditions in text - We have improved the presentation of Offer terms and conditions to your customers. Now, the terms and conditions are included in the Offer confirmation PDF instead of being sent as a separate document. This makes it easier for customers to view the terms and conditions as the contract agreement and agreed products are in the same place.

📌 Please note that uploaded files and product terms and conditions remain unaffected by this change.

*new* Supplier API

A new Supplier API is available which allows for easier synchronisation of suppliers and better reporting! Learn more about the Supplier API here.

Supplier changes: The supplier "Chain/brand" field has been renamed to "Chain" and a new "Brand" field has been added. This provides more granular data leading to easier analysis and better reporting! 💡If you have any brands specified in the Chain field, we recommend moving this to the Brand field for more accurate reporting.

Qondor release - Week 17 (2023)

2 May 2023

What's new

Suppliers - adding suppliers to products just got easier.

Now you can add a supplier to a product instead of having to add it to the project first:

  • Project managers will no longer receive blind copies of emails manually sent to participants in Qondor (this includes bookers). View an overview of emails sent from Qondor.


  • Participant custom field drop-down options can no longer be duplicated. This prevents duplicates from being added by mistake and ensures a smoother Excel import/export process (as Excel does not accept duplicate column headers). ❗Existing duplicates will not be rectified and can be cleaned up by users, as long as participants are not connected to them.

  • As a Super administrator, you can now use the Participant search in all offices you have access to without having to swap offices in your user profile.

  • As a Super administrator, you can now access forms in projects outside your own office without being logged out.

  • The Form accommodation step name that bookers see now matches the step name set by the Project manager in Admin web.

  • The form accommodation search button has been translated correctly to read "Search" in all languages. Create an accommodation product.


  • If the project is pending, a customer offer / form invoice specification cannot be created. This is to prevent errors where invoices were created for pending projects, not confirmed, and caused errors in integrations with accounting systems.

    Useful for those with integrations: A project status filter has been added to the Project API's GetAll operation, making it possible to return only projects with a certain status(es).

Bug fix 🪲The Booking API now filters out bookings that belonged to deleted projects.

Qondor release - Week 13 (2023)

29 March 2023

What's new

Qondor release - Week 9 (2023)

7 March 2023

What's new

  • Project: Select dates in the past where there are date pickers available, for instance in a new project or in the task sidebar view. Handy for reporting purposes!

  • Offer: When clicking the breadcrumb on the edit product page to go back to the offer, the selected filters will still be selected (instead of resetting to default).


  • When viewing who has made changes to bookings, 'Booker' will be shown in the booking and if the Project manager makes a change, the Office name is shown. 💡 As a Project Manager you can still view which one of your colleagues made the changes in booking details.

  • Allow changes by bookers after registration deadline. “Deadline for new bookings” is no longer restricted by the “Deadline for changes by booker” setting and vice versa.

    Note: “Deadline for registration” is now ➡️ “Deadline for new bookings”

    “Deadline for change” is now ➡️ “Deadline for changes by booker”

Qondor release - Week 5 (2023)

6 February 2023

What's new

  • Participant lists: Sort participant custom field options into separate columns in lists. Qondor sums up how many participants have selected each option. No more manual counting!


  • "Confirmation email" settings have been moved to the left navigation menu in Form builder under the "Thank you" section. See where.

  • "Design" settings have been moved to a top button in Form builder and is now uniform with the Program page. See where.

  • The Summary step can be disabled for simple forms (without payment, products/accommodation, t&c's, booking comments).

    Result: Quick, fewer clicks and higher form conversion rates.

  • The call to actions edit booking and go to payment have been moved into the first place the bookers land. It's more visible and it makes it easier for bookers to understand.

Qondor release - Week 3 (2023)

26 January 2023

What's new

  • Text editor: A context toolbar will now appear when you highlight text. Easily make text Bold, Italic, Underlined or add a Link over the text.

  • Text editor: Select whether a link should be opened in the current window or a new window. See how here.


    Project managers must choose whether or not to "Send confirmation email to the booker" before confirming a booking, where the Project manager is registering or updating a booking.

  • The "Go to summary" button is now included in the floating button section. Great when you have a long form step and want to skip right to the summar page. No need to scroll down the form now.

Qondor release - Week 1 (2023)

18 January 2023

What's new "in Forms"

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