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Enabling simple name reporting for groups

Import participants to Qondor or create a simple form for individual or group name reporting for complete participant management

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In most projects, Project managers need information on who is attending the trip/event, their personal preferences and needs. Whether this information comes from the customer or the participants themselves, it can easily be facilitated on all projects in Qondor.

πŸ’‘ Handling participants on all projects can be incorporated in a Qondor project work process by utilizing project templates.



  • Ensure participant information is handled securely according to GDPR by keeping personal information in Qondor only.

  • By receiving information directly from the participants themselves, details will most likely be more accurate and names are as per passport. If the customer retrieves participant information and forwards it to the Project manager who name reports manually to suppliers, risk of errors increase.

  • The customer and Project manager saves time by making the participants register directly instead of them handling the details for everybody more manually.

  • Project managers can generate tailored lists and securely share them with suppliers and customers to keep them updated. This saves time and increase data quality as there are no manual operations editing information.

  • Participant Information is added to Qondor once with no need for adjustments.

  • Flight bookings can easily be name reported by using the names in PNR format feature and rooming lists can be shared with relevant suppliers.

  • Participants can change their registration themselves until a date the Project manager has control over, freeing up time for the Project manager and customer.

  • Project managers and suppliers can track changes for more quality assuring project management.

  • Project managers can communicate with participants by email and sms for more event engagement and see a complete communication log.

  • Project managers can invite potential participants to register and track who has accepted and declined the invitation.



There are three alternative ways of ensuring participant information on a project is added to Qondor. The below articles explains the different options of how to handle participant information for events/groups with simple registration needs.
You will only use one option per project.

Once participant information is registered, Project managers can proceed to create and distribute lists to customers and suppliers and communicate with participants by SMS and email.


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