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Compare list data with historic versions
Compare list data with historic versions

Keep on top of changes in participant's bookings, take list snapshots and view them later

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When creating lists of participants or accommodations, it is likely that there will be some changes along the way. For example, project managers may need to update rooming lists more than once, there may be changes or additions to a participant's requests, increased number of attendees and so on.

Project managers may then want to compare a current list to an earlier date or a previous version, to analyse any changes or updates and forward this to suppliers. Use Qondor's List Features to compare and keep track of the information that matters to you, your customers and suppliers.

If you are sharing a list with customers or suppliers, then your recipient will also have the option to use List Features.

Where to find list features


  1. List features are available in Participants and Accommodation lists.

  2. Open/view your list from the Lists tab.

  3. List features are at the top of the page.

There are two ways to compare your lists. The first is to compare the current list you have open against a snapshot, the other is to compare with a data back in time.


A snapshot is a way to save a list so that you can easily make comparisons with it later to see what has been added, changed or cancelled.

Have the current list open, complete the name field and click Save Snapshot.

This will then be saved in your list for you to compare with at any time. You can save as many snapshots as you require.


In Historic Data either select a specific date or choose from the drop down menu which of the saved snapshots you would like to view the historic data for.


To view your comparison, select either a specific date or a snapshot and click the button below. You can compare the latest list against any date.


Show complete list: this will display the whole list.

Show only new, changed and cancelled rows: shows only the data that has been amended or added. 

Below are the codes that will indicate changes. Data in red indicates a participant who has cancelled; data in yellow indicates a change in data, for e.g. a name change; data in green indicates new data added to the list, for e.g. a new participant.

Here, I have selected to compare the latest list with a specific date. These are changes that have been made since then:

Below, I have selected to only view data that has been amended or added:

(The above is example data.)

Qondor will let you know what you are comparing; this will be the title at the top of your list: 

It is also possible to print your list or export the list to Excel, but you should of course consider how important this is, in order to comply with GDPR.

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