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Lists introduction
Lists introduction

Live online lists for quality control and secure sharing of participant information with customers and suppliers

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Project management is a lot about logistics and attention to detail. A small mistake or some missing information can have fatal consequences for a guest, participant or traveller. If you manage to keep on top of things and deliver exceptional value, you might even exceed customer expectations.

Events are nothing without people, and people have requirements. These are communicated to project managers in various ways; endless versions of Excel spreadsheets, a continuous stream of communication by email and phone, or if you work with Qondor, through online registration forms. The result of these forms is data that you, your customers and suppliers need to ensure success. In Qondor, you can process this data through our Lists feature.

In any project, you can generate information on all participants, whether imported into Participants or booked on a registration form. You can also access booking information like payments and name reporting status.


Online lists ensure effective, secure and quality assuring event administration

Say goodbye to your Excel spreadsheets and work with dynamic online lists in Qondor, where information is updated in real time based on participant information or bookings.

  • View data in real time to avoid confusion on whether information is updated

  • Build unlimited amount of lists quickly with the exact information you, your customers or suppliers need to get the jobs done

  • Save time by accessing lists with a simple click 

  • Search lists to segment information to view exactly what you need at any time

  • Share lists securely with customers and suppliers, track who you have shared lists with and for which time period

  • Save online versions of a list and compare information in a list with a previous version or a date back in time, for better quality control of changes

  • Communicate with bookers and participants by SMS and email directly from a list to ensure people receive information relevant to them.


If you handle registration forms, list information is determined by the way you define your form content, so we recommend focusing on your preferred output when building the form.

  • Make sure list requirements for all stakeholders (project managers, customers, suppliers, participants) are covered before the form goes live for booking

  • Be sure to test lists before go live, by creating several test bookings with various data to verify that lists give necessary information

  • Name products and custom fields purposefully and use list text on products, to ensure short and explanatory column headers and list data

  • Get to know all features available for building lists so each list only displays necessary information for the job that needs to get done.


Project managers can choose to create three types of lists, depending on the setup of the Qondor project and information available.

  1. List of Participants
    Displays information on participants in the project based on registration form bookings or information registered in Participants.

  2. List of Bookings
    Displays information on bookings completed in the registration form in the project. Very useful for payment information and name reporting status.

  3. List of Accommodations
    Displays information on accommodations booked on the registration form in the project, in a rooming list friendly format.

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