Project managers can create a simple online registration form by following the steps below. How the registration process works for the customer is also explained.


  • On the main menu, click Form --> Enable form.

  • In Form -> Settings, register some general settings to enable the form:

  1. Under General, publish the form

  2. Under Deadlines & booking types, register any Deadline for registration and enable changes by booker if necessary

  3. Under Deadlines & booking types, activate Allow multi booking and define a maximum per registration in "Number of participants allowed per multi booking".

  4. Under Booking confirmation, create a Registration confirmation email text that people receive after completing a registration. This can be standardised as a template. You must also choose whether the customer/participant is allowed to edit their registration by adding the login_link or activate "Login link is not required".

  • In Form -> Form builder -> Front page, disable the front page of the form for a simple registration process.

  • In Form -> Builder -> Personal details, publish any standard fields onto the form under Booker fields, like Gender and Phone. Gender must be registered to generate lists in Amadeus/Galileo format, and Phone must be registered to send SMS.

  • In Form -> Builder -> Personal details, scroll down to Additional person fields to publish the Email and Phone additional fields to allow all participants in the registration to complete if you want to communicate with them by SMS or email.

  • In Participant -> Participant custom fields, create any custom fields for the form, like a text field for allergies, a drop down list for choosing between room types, check in and check out dates etc.

  • Test the form by registering yourself as a participant and using the form as a booker. To access this, go to Form builder, and right click on the Live address url, e.g: Open the url in incognito or private mode.

  • Send the booker link, i.e. the live address url or shortlink to your customer.


When accessing the link you provide, they see the registration form you have created. See the example below.

1. Registration page:

2. Additional persons:

3. Summary page:

4. Thank you page:

Email confirmation:

The customer will receive an email containing the email text you have defined and the registration details attached in a PDF document.

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