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Sharing a list

Securely share participant information with customers and suppliers

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When handling a project with participant information in Qondor, your customers and suppliers probably need this information as well, to ensure the event can take place. A lot of this information is sensitive, so by using Qondor you can:

  • share lists securely to those who need information only

  • share information for a necessary time period only

  • see who you have shared a list with

  • see when people have last accessed a list

โ€‹There are two ways to share your list:

  1. Send a link to the list via email to your customer contact person

  2. Provide access to the list via an easily enabled menu item on customer web pageย 


  1. From the Dynamic Lists page you can share a list by clicking the "sharing icon":

2. In the list sharing dialogue you can add a contact person connected to the project (customer or supplier) from the drop down menu or manually add any other email. You can also set a valid until date per person to limit the time the list is available. The default valid until date is your project return date.
3. Select one or more receivers by checking the box to the left of the name, and an email dialogue will open. Click "Send email" to share the list link. The [resource-link] tag includes the URL to access the list, and must be included.

4. The default subject and text body of the email can be customized by Office admins in Office settings -> Email -> Share resource email.
(๐Ÿ’ก TIP If you have list receivers who speak different languages, create a list sharing text template per language to streamline the process.)

5. After a list has been shared you can see when the email was sent, when the person last accessed the list and change the valid until date.


Access to a list can be revoked at any time. A person who has been sent the list will no longer be able to access it. If you want to reactivate the access you will have to send the person a new email with a new link.


If you have automatic login for Offers enabled on your office, then Share lists on Customer Web is not available. This is due to security reasons as the offer is not secured with a login. As a result project managers will not have that option at the top of the page in the "share" view.

1. Simply check the box to share on customer web.ย 

ย  ย 

GOOD TO KNOW ๐Ÿ‘‰ Project managers can publish unlimited amount of lists onto one Customer web.

2. Then the list(s) will be immediately published onto your customer web and will be accessible for all customer contact persons on the project. Here's how it looks:

3. By sharing your list this way, you eliminate the need for a code. (Customer contacts will need to log into customer web first.)


To revoke access, simply uncheck the Share on Customer Web checkbox and the menu item will be removed from Customer web.

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