If your Qondor office requires your customers to login with username and password to access offers, there is a way to skip this hurdle. To provide a seamless customer journey and faster sales, there is the option to eliminate the login page step for your customers, so that they will be lead directly to Customer Web.

This will be possible if your office has automatic login enabled. Customers will not need to create a login or enter a password to access the offer. If you would like this setting enabled, a Superuser or Super admin should send a request to support@qondor.com and we will then activate this setting for your office.


  1. Customer receives offer link via email as normal.

    The offer link will log the customer in automatically, (skipping the login page) making it possible for the customer to access the offer directly.

2. Customer clicks the link and is directed straight to the Customer web.


  • The offer link is not exclusive for the offer recipient. Anyone who has the link can access and respond to the offer, as there is no password required.

  • Once this setting has been activated on your office, the setting will apply to all customers receiving an offer and they will skip the login page.

  • The menu icon with the logout option will be accessible in Customer Web. If your customer unintentionally clicks "log out" and needs to view the offer again, then they can simply click the link again to view the offer.

💡 As a Project manager, it is a good idea to test your offer in the way your customer will experience it. The article below shows you how 👇🏽

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