If you have traveller names in Qondor, you can easily create a list in name reporting format and paste information directly into PNR's. Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure your travellers are registered with names and gender in Qondor. Participants can be imported by you, or registered by your customer in a group booking or by the travellers individually. Click here to learn how.

  • Create a Qondor list by navigating to "Lists" on the main menu and create a new Dynamic list of participants.

  • Give the list a name, and under the "Fields" tab, select "Name in Amadeus format" or "Name in Galileo format" under Standard fields.

  • Save the list, then click "View this list".

  • Qondor creates a list with a column presenting the names in the required format. Mark all information in the column (no need to export to Excel first), then select copy.

  • Access the PNR and paste the information from Qondor. You can paste up to 474 characters at a time in Amadeus, so you can register many names in one copy + paste operation without having to change the input.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy this feature!

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