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Create a form from a project template - step by step
Create a form from a project template - step by step

Standardise settings and basic content to build and publish quality assuring forms fast

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Registration form templates ensures a speedy and quality assured delivery to customers. Within a few steps you'll have a live form ready, you don't have to repeat standard operations, and with a few clicks the form is good to go live!
To get started a project needs to be created. When creating the project make sure to use the template. Click here to read on how to create a project from a template.


  1. Click the menu FORM => Builder to start the process to adjust the form.

    1. Set any deadlines for registration and change.

  2. Click Front page to set up a Front Page. (Optional)

  3. Click Personal Details to update the introduction text and decide if more booker fields are to be published. Click here to read how to update the introduction text
    πŸ’‘TIP: Only publish the address if you have a specific need for sending something by mail.

  4. Click Participant Custom Fields and publish/unpublish the pre-created fields and add more fields according to the need.

  5. Click the menu FORM => Builder to return to the form builder.

  6. Form step. Add products or Update predefined products by clicking the product name. The products can be renamed, get images and a description. Remember to set allotment and price if needed. Click here to read how to manage form products.

  7. Summary. Make sure the predefined terms & conditions are corresponding to the projetcts needs. If not - update the T&C text. Click here to read how to update the Terms & Conditions text

  8. Payment. If booker payments are needed, set the correct deadlines and define necessary settings here.

  9. Thank you. Determine if another text than the standard text is needed. Click here to see the standard text and learn how to make an update

  10. Booking confirmation. Define the rules and content for the email bookers receive after completing their booking.


Test the form by viewing the form as a booker. To do this, go to Form builder, and right click on the Live address url, e.g: Open the url in incognito or private mode. Read more about the different Form views here.


In Participant -> Participants, import participants you want to invite and Go live! by sending invitations to book, or;

Go live! by distributing the View as booker link (live address url) or shortlink to your customer.


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