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Define the booking confirmation email that is sent to bookers after registering

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Go to Form builder --> Click confirmation email on the left-hand side pane to access this view ↘️

Uncheck "send email to booker" and save if you do not want a confirmation email to be sent automatically to bookers after completing their registration. If you do, continue with the following:

  • Send copy to: (optional) enter an email address to copies of a booking confirmation to, for example a group email.

  • Email sender: Specify sender name and email. Sender email should be the email address you want to receive email replies and nondelivery reports to. Spam note: The risk of confirmation email being classified as spam is higher if you choose an email address other than your own domain.

Email body

  • Insert the Booking login link into the email text (found under Merge tags --> Booking --> Login link). If you do not need to include the login link, then check "login link not required." You need to do this to be able to save Form Settings.

  • If bookers should be able to make booking changes themselves, this link must be included in the email.❗

    💡Click the hyperlink --> then the link icon - to change the display text for the booking login link.

  • You are able to send a test email to yourself as the project manager, to see how the email looks before you activate the booking form. Note that you will not receive any active login_link as you are not a registered booker on the form.

    Confirmation pdf

  • Choose to add a logo to appear on pdf booking confirmations. You can upload your company logo or your customer's, if required. (N.B. To set a default logo for all new projects, just contact us and we'll set it up!)

    Calendar event

  • Consider adding a calendar event to the confirmation email. The calendar event can be customized with a name, date and time just like a normal calendar invite.

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