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Form views

Project managers have three form views to preview form layout and design, test forms and register bookings - learn what to use and when!

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Use Preview mode when you are building the form to control form layout and design.

Use Incognito/private view to test forms and get an accurate reflection of how it works for the booker.

Use Admin view to avoid rules and mandatory fields, when needing to register a booking.


We recommend using Preview internally only, when building the form.

Use Preview to:

  • Navigate through the form quickly, without having to answer mandatory questions and avoiding rules set

  • Control your layout and design

❗ We do not recommend sending preview to your customers and bookers. Please use the live address url or shortlink, as these are the official links for the form.

❗ Do not use Preview to complete actual bookings, as they will automatically be deleted.

Rules for Preview:

  • Do not use to verify the form or doing final testing before going live, this must be done in incognito/private mode.

  • Completed preview bookings are automatically deleted.

  • Only single bookings are possible even though multi bookings are activated on the form.

  • Mandatory personal information must be registered, but mandatory products do not have to be booked.

  • Any specific rules for participant categories are not validated.

  • Invitation only or invitation on a category is not validated.

  • Test data is automatically filled in on the personal information step but can be changed.

  • Booking payments are not possible.


We recommend using incognito/private mode to ensure you're viewing the form just as your booker will view it. This is the official, live link to the form and the link your customers and bookers must use.

πŸ’‘ Incognito/private mode can quickly be found by right-clicking any link: πŸ‘‡

If you have created a shortlink, this can be distributed instead.

Example of a shortlink


​Use Incognito/private mode to:

  • Quality control the form before going live

  • Add a booking on behalf of someone else

  • Distribute the form to your customers and bookers.


Click the link once to open the form in admin view/project manager mode. The form will open in a new tab. Opening a form in the same browser (i.e. a new tab or a new window) will also provide you with this view as you are already logged into Qondor.

​Click the link to:

  • Register new bookings when Deadline for registration has passed without having to extend the deadline. This view does not have a registration deadline so you may register bookings anytime.

  • Register bookings without adding mandatory products. Project managers do not need to book mandatory products.

  • Register bookings without completing payment. Project managers are sent to the payment step if payment is due at the time of booking or later, but can choose not to complete payment by selecting "confirm without payment".

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