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Form texts for a personalised form

Customise your forms with a defined heading and introduction text on the first step, terms and conditions and a thank you page after booking

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To prevent questions and registration errors, Project managers can add a custom heading and text at the very top of the personal details page in registration forms. This is great especially for simple forms where you're not creating a Form Front Page!Β 

You can set up this text in the Personal details page of the Form builder menu:

Here's how it looks in the Form πŸ‘‡πŸ½


Set the Terms and Conditions, or decide that you do not need them. If Payment is activated, terms & conditions are mandatory.



Thank you header

"Thank you"* shows by default as the heading on the thank you page.

*"thank you" is defined by the language set on your Form.

You can amend this header to suit your form. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

  1. Check the override default heading checkbox (which opens up the heading field).

  2. Type in your own text in the Heading field and click save (Alt+S on your keyboard.)

Thank you text

Set a customized Thank you text if needed. This is the text that will show after the registration is complete.

You can define this text from Form --> Builder --> Thank you

Here's how it looks in the Form:

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