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🌱Qondor Admin refresh: Key Changes and Enhancements (2024).
🌱Qondor Admin refresh: Key Changes and Enhancements (2024).

The latest improvements to the user interface on your Qondor homepage, Admin web and Offer admin to enhance your experience in Qondor.

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What is the Qondor Admin Refresh?🌱

We are constantly working to improve our customers' experience and make our platform more user-friendly. With our latest release, we are excited to introduce a Qondor Admin Refresh: specifically improvements to the user interface on your Qondor homepage, Admin web and Offer admin to enhance your experience whilst working in Qondor.

In this article:

Watch a short video overview or read through the list of detailed changes below.

📽️ Watch: Qondor Admin Refresh Overview

📖Read about Qondor Admin Refresh


Improved Visibility and Accessibility for a Cleaner, More Efficient Workspace.

👁️Easier to navigate

We've improved the menu to make it easier to navigate. Important features are now more visible, and the interface is less cluttered, providing a better experience across all devices.

🖱️Improved accessibility

We’ve streamlined the interface to a single, lower bar, improving accessibility for a cleaner, more efficient workspace.

🔍"Projects" is now called "Home".

We’ve also renamed "Projects" to "Home" to align with terms you're familiar with. This change helps you find what you need more easily.


Enhanced User Experience Across All Devices.

💻Qondor users on small screens - no more-side scrolling.

For Qondor users on a screen resolution of 1280 pixels, we’ve minimized interface elements to ensure everything fits without the need for side-scrolling.

🖥️Qondor users on large screens - more focused content.

For Qondor users on a screen resolution of 1280 pixels and larger, we’ve expanded the display area to use more of the screen. This means less empty space and bigger, clearer visuals allowing you to focus more on the content.


Improved VAT article selection and Price Footer for Accurate Calculations and Cost Management.

🔎Search for VAT articles directly from the input field.

Avoid having to scroll through a list of VAT articles; this makes it easier to find the article you are looking for.

➗Simpler price footer for accurate offer calculations and financial control.

We've simplified the price footer located at the bottom of Offer Admin, to make the calculations easier to understand. Now, products in your offer are no longer selected by default, allowing you to choose only the products necessary to calculate.

💰View supplier in-prices including VAT, for more effective cost management.​

We've added two new columns to the price footer:

These additional columns meet the need to view supplier in-prices including VAT, facilitating more effective cost management.​

Easier and Quicker to Publish and Unpublish Offers.

🟢Publish or unpublish an offer directly from offer admin.

  • Project managers can now publish and unpublish offers directly from Offer admin rather than having to go into Offer settings (where the function was previously located). This change makes the process more intuitive, as Project Managers primarily operate within Offer Admin when building offers.

  • New visual cues have been added for better visibility. A green stripe indicates a published status and an orange stripe signifies an unpublished status. These indicators are designed to reduce the likelihood of Project managers forgetting to unpublish offers by making the publish/unpublish button function more prominent.

🔔 When a Project Manager confirms a product, Qondor will notify them that the offer status has been updated to confirmed.

✔️Improved validation of products when publishing an offer.

Improved Product Display and Pricing for Clearer Product Information and Easier Navigation.

  • Product groups which do not contain any published products are displayed as unpublished.

  • Product groups now have tooltips on the type icon to help Project managers to understand what this product type can be used for.

  • Using Alt+E will focus on the product you're hovering instead of scrolling to the top of the offer.

  • We improved how products without prices are displayed using "-" instead of 0 to easily distinguish between prices and those without.


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