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Offer: Foreign currencies and margins
Offer: Foreign currencies and margins

Define foreign currencies and margins on purchase prices.

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Define currency exchange rates and sales margins, and Qondor will automatically calculate the selling prices for you.


Quickly calculate selling prices to customers

  • Document product in prices from suppliers, currency rates, margins and calculations at the same time as you build your offer.

  • Automatically calculate selling prices based on foreign currency rates and margin

  • Register and document which currencies you purchase in and at what rates

  • Register and document your purchase price in the local currency you buy it in

  • Automatically find the purchase price in your office currency

Register foreign currencies on your offer

Where to define foreign currencies

  1. Go to Offer settings by clicking the Settings button


2. Use the shortcut menu, by clicking on the three dots in the far right corner of Offer admin, and accessing Currencies from here. The shortcut will take you straight to this section.

  • You can add as many currencies as you wish per offer.

  • You define the currency rates manually per offer.

  • These currencies can be used to calculate your purchase/in/net product prices, by adding a currency in Edit mode in Offer admin.

  • You don't need to define your standard office currency, Qondor already knows this and will use it if you don't define any currencies for in (net) prices.

Register default margin percentage on your offer

  • You can define a default margin used to calculate selling prices based on in prices you register. 

  • Set the default margin in Offer Settings or in Edit mode in Offer admin. 

  • You can change the margin manually on each price line if you wish.

  • The default margin can include as many decimals as you want, but Qondor will reduce it to two. If you register a margin of 15,358 %, Qondor will change it to 15,36 %.

  • If there is no default margin on the offer, there will be no automatic price updates.

Offer Settings:

Edit Offer:

Register a foreign currency on a product in price

  • Click "Edit" in Offer admin

  • If you have a Unit in (foreign) column, select a foreign currency

  • By placing your cursor over the currency code, you can review the exchange rate

  • Define your in price in the chosen currency.

  • Qondor will display the value in the project currency in the Unit in column.

  • Whenever you are in full product edit you can also add a currency and in price there:

Update currency rates and margin percentage

Currency rate updates

From Offer settings, you can update the exchange rates on all currencies. Upon saving your changes on the Offer settings page, you will have the option to either:

A: Only recalculate product in prices

B: Also recalculate product out prices

When you update currency exchange rates on the offer, the products using these currencies will be updated with new prices based on your choice:


  • Product status will not be taken into account. For example, accepted product prices will also be updated if you select to recalculate out prices.

  • Product out prices on invoiced products will not be updated.

  • If you update the foreign currency rate in a project template, the change will only apply to new projects created with this template afterward. Projects created from the template before the update will retain their original currency rates.

  • Currencies are limited to one exchange rate per offer. If you want to update the exchange rate for a currency, all products having in prices in the currency will be updated.

  • Note that the out price (selling) will still be in your project currency unless you update them.

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