Best updates in January - June 2022

Catch up on the latest updates and new features in Qondor 2022

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This Qondor Best Updates edition includes: several design and improved usability on Forms, a *new* Form translations feature, more bulk update options for VAT in Offers, Participant statuses and for Suppliers, say hello to SMS merge tags to personalise and automatically include information in SMS, and much more. Read on for your best updates roundup.



  • Notifications: Qondor will send you a notification if someone in your office has assigned a task to you.

  • HTML Text editor: You no longer need to scroll in a text editor or expand it, when typing texts, as it will present all the content inside the text editor automatically when loading a page in Admin Web. This makes for a better view and user experience.


πŸ“§ If you offer referral products, you will benefit from referral payments. Contact us to enable it.


  • A bulk update button is available in Offer admin to allow Project managers to change VAT articles on several products in one go.

  • When viewing offer history, Project managers can see when a Project manager has resent an offer confirmation to a customer to better keep track of offer communications.

  • Qondor users can now include merge tags Offer valid until and Offer location in texts to customers to automatically include this information.


Bulk update participant statuses is available in Participants.


  • Date picker is now available as a participant custom field, making it useful for collating data such as passport issue and expiry date, date of birth or custom dates for an event in the correct format. See a live example here.

  • *NEW* Forms translations feature allows you to create one online order form in several languages. Watch the webinar here.

  • Several user friendly and design improvements in Qondor and Participant web for a more effective and easier form building and booker experience.


Merge tags are now available to add to SMS allowing you to personalise SMS messages and include office, project, customer or participant information.


Bulk edit suppliers in Offer admin in one go. Project managers no longer have to go into each product and change the supplier manually.


  • Collect booker information from Qondor through the new Booking API for CRM reporting purposes. More detailed information can be found in the API portal.

  • Set the product category on a booking change fee in the Form Settings for accurate reporting on product categories.

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