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Send SMS to participants

Engage your participants and update them before, during and after the event

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To engage your participants and create added value to an event, send SMS to participants to ensure a personal touch and even happier customers!

If your office does not have a SMS subscription, order here and learn more about SMS here


You can send SMS to participants from:

  • Participants menu

  • Bookings list

  • A specific booking

  • A list

Send from "Participants"

Select the participants you are sending SMS to and click the dark grey SMS button.

💡Use text search to filter on recipients if needed.

💡Select the top checkbox in the header row to select all participants in the list.

💡Hover over the participant card in the email column to send a SMS directly to a participant in the project.

Send from "Bookings" (if you have a registration form)

(you can set a filter or search to narrow down the list of recipients):

Send from Booking details on a specific booking

Send from a list of Participants

(you can also search in the list to narrow down the list of recipients):


Define your message

When you click to send a SMS message, a SMS dialog will appear and here you can type your message.

Personalise your message and include important information.

Use merge tags which allow you to personalise SMS messages and include office, project, customer or participant information.

❔ A merge tag retrieves the information automatically so you don't have to manually input the information. You only need to insert the merge tag once, and the recipient will receive the SMS with the information relevant to them.

💡 If the participant is connected to a booking, the Booking merge tags will also show. If you have participant custom fields, these will also appear as merge tags 👇🏽

Example: if you are sending a SMS to several participants and want to address them by first name, one named Jane, and the other John, all you have to do is type one SMS with the merge tag and Jane will receive a SMS with her name and John will receive exactly the same SMS but with his name.

In the screenshot below, it also shows the Project name merge tag which will insert the name of the event. 👇🏽

Created a Qondor program?

Send the program via Qondor by clicking [program_link] to insert the link to the program.

📌[program_link] will only show if the program is assigned to the participant.

Good to know

  • If you include more than 160 characters in your message, the cost of sending the message will increase. You will be notified when you write long messages. We advise you to keep your messages short if you want to keep costs down.

  • We advise not to use shortened links from, for example This is because it may cause receiving telecom operators to stop the message from reaching the receiver due to security measures, even though the SMS has status sent in Qondor.

"Sender" can be specified in Office settings, but can be overridden per project in Project settings under General settings. Custom SMS sender must consist of only letters and digits and must contain at least one letter, and  the maximum length is 11 characters. Read more about Custom SMS sender here.


An overview of SMS messages sent per project can be found in Project details:

An overview of SMS messages sent for your office can be found in Office settings (available to Office admins only):


Everywhere you can send SMS, you see a menu option for "Communication center". Here you can see all SMS and emails sent from the project.

The screenshot shows it is filtered on today, but you may filter on last 7 days, last 30 days or All and only view SMS and not emails sent.

Click eye icon on the right to view full details for the message sent.


Twilio is Qondor's SMS provider.

Note: Click here to view a list of countries that support alphanumeric sender ID. If your recipient number is not on this list a fallback number will be used instead.

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