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Notifications in Qondor
Notifications in Qondor

How Notifications works and which notifications Qondor will alert you to

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All Project managers have tasks and deadlines in their projects that they need to adhere to. An example of a critical task for Project managers is to get an answer for the offers they send out. In that process, Project managers need to remind customer contact persons that the deadline is about to expire or has expired if the customer has not responded.

Notifications in Qondor makes this process easier, as the Project manager will be notified in the same place they work every day. The Project manager receives reminders on which offers are about to expire when customers have responded to offers and more.

Following up and reminders in sales processes are critical to closing the sale, and with extra help from Notifications in Qondor, the Project manager is kept up to date on tasks and deadlines and can take immediate action as required.

πŸ”” When are notifications sent:

  • On the day a deadline is expiring.

  • Immediately when a customer takes action on an offer.

Where can I see my notifications?

Qondor displays a bell icon, at the top right-hand corner in your Qondor. When you have new notifications that have not been read, a red dot will appear.

When you click on the bell icon, a slide-in window appears with the notifications available.

Which notifications will I receive in Qondor?

  • The offer is due to expire

  • The offer has been accepted

  • The offer has been declined

  • The offer has been answered

  • The customer has submitted feedback on the offer

  • The deadline for registration is expiring in Forms

  • The deadline for change is expiring in Forms

  • The deadline for name reporting is expiring in Forms

  • Refund for booking payment has failed in Forms

  • Refund for customer payment has failed

  • The customer payment has been paid by the customer online

  • A task has been assigned to you

Missing a notification that could be useful to help you manage and keep an eye on your projects? Do let us know your feedback via Support and our product team will consider your request!

How to use notifications

  • If you hover over a notification, you can see the project it is linked to.

  • Click on a notification to go to the relevant page in Qondor. For example, if an offer has been accepted you will be directed to that offer, in Offer admin.

  • Mark unread notifications as read either by clicking the notification or clicking "Mark as read" to the right.

  • If you have several unread notifications, click "mark all as read" at the top to remove the red dot - which indicates that you have unread notifications.

  • To clear all unread notifications, click "Clear all" at the top to clear the list.

πŸ“Œ Note

  • The main Project manager on the project receives the notifications for a project.

  • You will still receive emails along with the notification if a customer provides feedback on an offer or confirms an offer.

  • When you have no notifications, an illustration is displayed with a text that says that you have no notifications.

  • Deadline notifications are sent at approximately 06:00 CEST on the day of expiry
    If a deadline is on Saturday or Sunday, the notification will show in Qondor on Friday.

  • If the offer is about to expire, a notification will only be sent if the offer has the status "Sent" and the valid until date is on that day. If the customer has already accepted or declined everything in the offer, a notification will not be sent for offers about to expire.

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