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Create a new project

Register new requests and projects by defining essential details. Create from a template or from scratch, or copy existing projects

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This article will take you through a step by step on how to create a new project in Qondor.

❗This view is not available for offices/companies using Antares. Please refer to this article if you register projects in Antares and the data is fetched from Antares into Qondor.


Any request from your customer or potential customer is considered a project in Qondor. This could be a meeting, incentive, conference, event, group travel or another service or product that you offer.

This means that most of the work you do in Qondor will be within a project and therefore creating a project is the first place to start to begin the sales process.


Step 1: Create a new project, click +New project on the Home screen:

Step 2: First choose whether you would like to start a project from scratch, use a project template, or copy an existing project.

Start from scratch

The project is empty and you must complete the necessary fields in order to create a new project.

Use template

Select the template you want to use from the drop down list and some fields will be autocompleted as in the template.

πŸ“Œ The use template option will only display if there are template projects available in your office.

Copy existing project

Begin typing the project name or project number and select the project you want to copy.

The entire existing project with all its settings and information will be copied over.

❗ Note that you also copy deadlines, email senders and prices, so remember to check all settings before you publish an offer or form from a copied project. ❕ Bookings and financial information are not copied.

πŸ’‘ By default, start from scratch is displayed first, however, an Office admin can adjust the view to define which dialog the Project manager should land on when clicking to create a new project. Go to Office Settings --> General ---> New Project Settings ---> New project default mode.

​Step 3: Complete the fields to populate information for the project. If you are using a template or copying from an existing project some of these fields will be pre-filled.
β€‹πŸ“Œ Only mandatory project information is possible to register here. More non-mandatory information and settings can be added and amended in Project settings.



Create as template

When the project is created, it will be stored as a template project.

Only visible for Office admins and Super admins.

Project Name

This name will be visible to customers as well. Use a descriptive name that is understandable both for you and your customer.


PM does not belong to a team:

​If team is mandatory in the office:

- Team option is visible

- User must select a team
​If team is not mandatory in the office:

- Team option is not visible

- Team is not selected

PM belongs to a team:

- Team option is never visible

- PM team is set for the project


Customer information is mandatory information for a project. To set a customer, simply start typing the customer's name in the text box, and matches will drop down under the text box. Click a customer's name to select it. Click +add customer to add a new customer.

Contact person

Add a contact person for the customer to the project by selecting from the drop down list.

Click +add contact person to add a new contact person.

No. of persons

How many participants within the project. For e.g. for an event, this could 100 attendees.

This is displayed mandatory by default, but if this is not relevant to your business, then you can disable the mandatory setting in Office Settings.

Location IATA code

Specify an IATA code if this is relevant for you and choose the desired location from the dropdown menu.
This will autofill the Location field below.

The Location IATA code field can be disabled in Office settings.


This is a free field text for you to fill in a location. If you are using the IATA code, you are still able to amend the Location display text to make it more suited for you and your customer to view.

The location is copied into new offers that you create, and when searching for images the location codes will help you find more relevant images.

Start date & End date

The start date and end date are used for reporting and these dates also define when the project has status Ongoing and To be finalised.

Settings displayed underneath MISC will only be displayed for Project managers if choices are defined for your office by a Super or Office admin.

Step 4: Once you have completed the necessary details, click Create.

πŸŽ‰ Voila! Your project has been created. You will then be directed to the Project Details page.

πŸ’‘ TIP: Copy a project or use a template quickly when in Project search.

Simply hover anywhere over the relevant project and a copy icon will appear. When you click the icon, Qondor takes you to the new project page with either the project or template selected to copy from.

Copy project:

Use template:


You are able to add more information, add more customer contact persons, assign more Project managers to a Project, define the language for customer facing web pages (i.e. an offer or web registration form) and more. This can be done under Project settings.

Head to this article, Project Settings, to find out more.

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