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Create a new project - view for Antares web service users
Create a new project - view for Antares web service users

Register new requests and projects by defining project settings and details - Antares only

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This article is for offices/companies using Antares. This article is relevant for you, if you register projects in Antares and the data is fetched from Antares into Qondor.

Every meeting/incentive/conference/event/group travel request from your customers is considered a project in Qondor, so most of the work you do in Qondor is within a project. To create a new project, click "New project" on the Home screen.


On the first page you register basic information about the project.

  • Project Name: Use a descriptive name for your project, understandable both for you and your customer.

  • Project number: This is the unique reference for the project, and is visible both to you and your customer. The numbering can be automatic or manual, and is set under Office-settings, along with a standard prefix for your office.

  • Copy from project: If suited, search for a project name or number to copy an entire already existing project with all its settings and information. Note that you also copy deadlines, email senders and prices, so remember to check all settings before you publish an offer or form from a copied project. Bookings and financial information are not copied.


After clicking "Create" on the first page, you see a Project Settings page where you register specific details for the project. Note that you can skip this page at this point if you want, by navigating to another menu. You can then go back and fill in necessary information later.


Number of persons

This is used internally and in reports.

Project category and Lead from (if activated):

Alternatives for these settings are defined by Office administrators under the Office menu -> Project categories and Leads from.

Customer & contact persons

Customer information is mandatory information for a project. To set a customer, simply start typing the customer's name in the text box, and matches will drop down under the text box. Click a customer's name to select it. If you are planning to send offer(s) to your customer, you also need to have contact persons so that they can sign in to view the Customer web. Add contact persons for the customer to the project.
You must define a Main contact person and an Emergency contact person. This can be the same person, or two different persons.

Note that if you cannot find your customer or contact person, you can always click the "Add customer" link to add customers and contact persons.

Read more about customers

Location and the start and end date/return date

Specify an IATA code and choose the desired location from the dropdown menu. You can also change the display text of the location to make it more suited for you and your customer to view. The location is copied into new offers that you create, and when searching for images the location codes will help you find more relevant images. The start date and end date are used for reporting and these dates also define when the project has status Travelling and To be finalised.


Financials on a project is important for reporting purposes.

Above is the default view. The Financial info tab will only show if Project budget numbers are required is set in Office settings. It will then be mandatory for Project managers to register Budget numbers when creating the project, and real numbers when the project status is set to "finished" from Project Ledger.


You can register up to three project managers which have an involvement in the project. Registered project leaders will see the project under "My project" on the Home screen, and will show up in reports. The involvement percentage is used to define the project managers' effort on the project in relation to each other. The sum of all involvement must be 100%. If two project managers are working on a project, and one has 70% of the workload, and the other has 30% of the workload, you can simply type in 70% and 30% in this section.


These settings are standard and defined in your Office settings by Office administrators. You can however change this per project if needed, if you need another language on the offer or form for the project.

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