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Use Qondor and digital meeting platforms together
Use Qondor and digital meeting platforms together

Maximize the value of Qondor for attendee management and get tips on how to set up and execute the meeting in a digital platform like Zoom

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The demand for digital events has grown and digital events are more common than ever with its usage very likely to continue increasing. Digital events in most cases have been a successful subsitute for inperson events and there are several platforms available to help planners and organisers run their event. Zoom is one of the most common platforms among these, including an attractive integration with Slido for interactive features such as polls and quizzes.

There are, of course, many other digital meeting tools out there that can be used in conjunction with Qondor's registration and attendee management modules, in order to run a successful digital event. You should consider the tool which best fits your requirements. In this article, we lay out how to use Qondor and Zoom effectively together.

Sending the invitation
Preparing for the event
Setting up Zoom
Setting up and preparing the event
During the event
Event feedback and distributing event resources


An event starts with sending an invitation. Below, we have listed two options for this. With both options, it is possible to obtain information from the participants and offer more services such as food & beverage, along with travel logistics and accommodation for future potential hybrid events.

Solution 1: An open registration form where all information is to be completed by the participant upon registration.

  1. Create a registration form in Qondor.

  2. Send the registration URL to the invited participants

The advantage of using an open registration form is that the link can be shared on an intranet, via social media, webpages, and so on. This is great for building awareness and promoting the event.

Solution 2: A registration form combined with the invitation module where essential participant information can be predefined by importing data before sending the invitations.

  1. Create a registration form in Qondor.

  2. Import the invited participants

  3. Create an invitation e-mail

  4. Send out the invitation to the invited participants

The advantage of using the invitation module is to keep track of who is invited and most importantly - if they have answered the invitation or need to be reminded.

When creating a list of potential attendees, it is possible to add extra information such as "Break-out group number". This might be helpful at a later stage in the preparation process in order to keep track of which attendees should be allocated to which breakout room.

Communication can be targeted to specific groups based on the invitation status. For instance, if you need to send a reminder, you can easily filter attendees by "invited" status and therefore only send a reminder email to those who are yet to respond.

Read more about how to create invitations here


Preparing for a digital event follows the set up of a physical event in many ways. The challenge is the logistics and communication, to ensure the purpose and importance of the meeting is clear so the meeting participants receive the right details and communication timely. This is all essential to ensuring they attend!


Qondor offers possibilities to communicate with participants through e-mail and SMS. The messages can be targeted to a specific group of participants or a single participant. Information can be sent before, during and after the event. A full communication plan can be created in advance and messages can be scheduled to be sent at a specific time.
Read more on how to communicate with participants here

Plan and store content for engagement

To create higher and successful engagement, you should consider planning content in advance, such as questions for polls, open questions, quizzes and so on. Store everything in Project Files for a full overview.

Order food & beverages

When hosting a digital event it can still be nice to offer something to eat and drink to simulate the feeling of a physical event, by providing things that the attendee would normally be offered. This can be provided through various service providers for home delivery. It can also work as a talking point for small talk during coffee breaks!

Event Program

Use Qondor Programs to communicate the agenda and sessions. You could for example, create a common program for all participants or a program adapted for break-out groups.

The event program can be used to retrieve instant feedback from participants. The feedback can be enabled individually per agenda point, to understand where engagement levels may be high and low.

How to create a program
How to share a program with participants
How to use program feedback

Sharing presentations, videos and other conference material

Content is key and sharing content with participants can be helpful for participants. Use Menu items on the Qondor event website to share content on the front page and/or in the program.


It is mandatory to create a user account in Zoom. Click here to get started.

To be able to use features like breakout rooms a valid credit card for the user needs to be added in Zoom, although the card will not be charged.

If the meeting is going to be more then 40 minutes, have more than 100 participants, or if the polling feature is to be used, a Zoom license needs to be purchased.

See price plan
How to set up a Zoom meeting
Zoom help center
Click here to learn how to enable the breakout room feature
Click here to learn how to import participants from an excel file

The polling feature has to be enabled, which is available in Zoom's Pro price plan which allows you to set up questions and execute polls during the meeting. If you are on a basic price plan, you could consider upgrading to Pro which means no time limits on group meetings, allows you to record to the cloud for additional backup, stream to social media and more. You can upgrade by going to to manage your subscription.


Plan the number of breakout rooms for parallel sessions and also keep in mind that breakout rooms can be randomly assigned in a Zoom meeting. This can be handy, for instance during a coffee break to allow participants to interact with one another.

Import the confirmed participants from Qondor and send out the Zoom link in advance.
Breakout groups can be pre-created in the Excel-sheet from Qondor and imported into Zoom. Breakout rooms in Zoom has the label "Breakout Room 1" so make sure to use that name in the excel sheet.
Click here to see breakout-rooms prerequisites, limitations and how to set it up
Click here to learn how to manage break-out rooms


Zoom provides features that allow you to encourage interaction during the event and make the experience more engaging for attendees. The features includes:

- A polling feature which can be used as a quick survey or for a quiz
- Meeting chat which is another way for participants to interact with the host as well as directly among themselves.
- Breakout rooms which can also be used for interaction and collaboration
- Non verbal cues/reactions are available, which offers less disruption to an event, such as the raising hand function


Qondor Program supports instant feedback on specific activities and will automatically create a feedback report for you to assess and use to help improve future events. All feedback is anonymous.
How to use Program feedback

Presentations held at the event can be published onto the registration form and also in the event program via links. It can also be communicated to participants via e-mail or SMS.

Do you need more help with this? We offer consulting to help you get started with your digital event. Get in touch via for more information.


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