With Program feedback, your participants can rate and/or add a comment to your program activities.

An example with both star rating and a text field for comments:

The feedback report gives you an overview of your participants' answers:

ℹ For comment feedback reports, contact support@qondor.com. 


  1. To enable Program feedback you need to set the authentication method to "per user login" or "per user phone" in Program setting:

2. After selecting an authentication method you need to map each participant to a program in Participants

You can do this manually, by going into edit each participant and selecting the program from the dropdown list as showing below.

If you have a lot of participants you can bulk assign a program to each participant at once. This can only be used with 'per user phone' authentication.

  1. Select the participants you want to assign the program to.
  2. Then hit 'bulk edit'
  3. Select the program you want to assign the participants to and save (as shown below).

You can also view the participants that are assigned to a program or not assigned by using the Program filter.

3. In Program -> Files & Feedback you need to set your feedback questions:

4. In Program -> Programs -> Edit Program you can select which activities you want to enable feedback on:

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