To utilise Qondor fully, Office admins can define standards and configurations optimise work processes and enable Project managers to register data in a structured format. This gives a business using Qondor more accurate reporting data and unique insights, in turn helping keep focus and efforts on what matters to reach business goals.

At least one user per office has administration rights (Office Admin) and access to the "Settings" menu along with the options listed further in this article. We therefore advise Office Admins to read on and complete the necessary sections for your organisation.


Hover over the Office tab (located in the top left hand corner of Qondor) to reveal the following:


Users with Office administration rights have the option of standardising texts, conditions and price presentation for offers; choosing a preferred language; required project and invoicing information. A lot of this information is required to get started in Qondor and is essential for your projects.
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For reporting purposes you might want to track where leads/project requests originate from.
Show me how to set up Leads from

For reporting purposes you might want to define project categories to track what type of business you handle and what type you do not handle or lose business in.
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Qondor provides a set of standard categories of cancellation reasons. Office admins can define these themselves suit the business and understand why customers cancel. Project managers report on cancellation reason when a project is set to cancelled.

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To generate more accurate data for financial reporting of estimated numbers in sales forecasts, Qondor provides standard stages for pending projects, to define where in the sales process a project is. Project managers can change the stage whenever needed, in Pending projects. Office admins can define these to suit their business.
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Add Project custom fields for Project managers to register data specifically needed for the organisation, for example for reporting purposes. For example:

  • Add a custom field to further categorise your Project, i.e. "Sport travel" or "Business travel"

  • Add a custom date field to set other dates than Start and End date. i.e. "account closing date"


As a data controller, organisations using Qondor have an obligation under GDPR to stop processing participants' personal information when they no longer need it. In each project, Project managers can decide how long information should be kept, by applying a project retention policy. Office admins can customise this to comply with regulations. We strongly advise this to ensure GDPR compliance.


Once a retention policy in a project is expired, Office admins can choose to anonymise data in the project, meaning communication and participants' personal data will be either deleted or anonymised completely. We strongly advise this to ensure GDPR compliance.
How to anonymise data in Qondor


Define product categories to segment and report accurately on the usage of products offered to customers.

Learn more and how to set it up

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