So you're almost set to go live with your organisation in Qondor - we're just as excited as you are!

There are just a few settings and configurations that should be completed to ensure your organisation makes the most of the system, gets the desired results, and enable GDPR compliance. The more information you provide now, the more time you will save as Project Managers won't need to complete these details for each project and it will ensure consistency throughout.

At least one user per office has administration rights (Office Admin) and access to the "Settings" menu along with the options listed further in this article. We therefore advise Office Admins to read on and complete the necessary sections for your organisation.


Hover over the Office tab (located in the top left hand corner of Qondor) to reveal the following:

SETTINGS (Mandatory)

Users with Office administration rights have the option of standardising texts, conditions and price presentation for offers; choosing a preferred language; required project and invoicing information. A lot of this information is required to get started in Qondor and is essential for your projects.
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It is also possible to activate your online payment processor for credit card payments on Registration Forms. Qondor supports DIBS and Netaxept.

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Qondor makes it easy for you to administer customers. Here you can add new customers manually or by importing from an Excel file; search for existing customers; view their customer profile and make changes.
Learn more about Customers

For reporting purposes you might want to track where leads/project requests originate from.
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For reporting purposes you might want to define project categories to track what type of business you handle and what type you do not handle or lose business in.
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You can define standard stages for projects, to describe where in the sales process a project is, and the probability of the project being confirmed by the customer. This is recommended for more accurate financial forecasting in Pending projects.
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Add Project custom fields for Project managers to register data specificially needed for your organisation, for example for reporting purposes. For example:

  • Add a custom field to further categorise your Project, i.e. "Sport travel" or "Business travel"

  • Add a custom date field to set other dates than Start and End date. i.e. "account closing date"


As a data controller, you have an obligation under GDPR to stop processing participants' personal information when you no longer need it. in each project you can decide how long you want to keep this information or not, by applying a project retention policy. We strongly advise this to ensure GDPR compliance.


Once a retention policy in a project is expired, you can choose to anonymise it, meaning communication and your participants' personal data will be either deleted or anonymised completely. We strongly advise this to ensure GDPR compliance.
 N.B. This action is irreversible, neither you nor Qondor will be able to restore this data!
How to anonymise data in Qondor

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