Administer cancellation reasons

Define cancellation reasons to suit your business and understand why customers cancel

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If a project is set to cancelled a cancellation reason must be given for reporting purposes. Qondor displays standard cancellation reasons from which the Project manager must select when changing the status of a project or offer to "cancelled". Superusers and Super admins can define cancellation reasons per office if the standard cancellation reasons do not suit your business.

Project Managers can report back and you can understand better why customers are declining offers or cancelling their requests.


Hover over the Office menu --> click on cancellation reasons


Create a new reason: Type in the name of the category in the white box and click Save.

Edit existing reasons: Click on the cancellation reason name (the blue text), overtype the text and click save.

Delete/deactivate cancellation reasons: if the reasons are no longer required, click the red symbol. If the reasons have been used in projects, the reason will be deactivated and will not be available for selection in new projects. They will also be hidden by default in the "Active" view shown below.

πŸ’‘ To show deactivated reasons, click the filter "All".

πŸ“Œ If the cancellation reason is not in use in any projects, the reason will be deleted, meaning it will not be available anywhere in Qondor.

πŸ“Œ It is not possible to remove the "Other (please specify) " cancellation reason.

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