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Define product categories to segment and report accurately on the usage of products

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When you create a product in Qondor, you can choose between Standard, Transport or Accommodation products. This allows you to distinguish between products but does not provide sufficient data for reporting needs. For example, if you need to know how many meeting rooms or rental cars your company rented the year before. 

This is why we created Product Categories! You can create the categories you need, specific for your business and connect them to existing categories.

ℹ️  To enable Product categories in your office, go to Office->Settings-> General-> Miscellaneous

Creating Product Categories

📍 Location: Office --> Product Categories
    (Note: Access is only available for Super and Office admins.)

Simply name your category, be it a meeting room, hotel group or anything you require. Then assign it to a product type, so when Project managers create a product, they will receive a choice of categories to choose from.

How it works for the Project manager

1. A pop-up window with the categories for that particular product type will appear when creating an inline product in Offer admin:

2. Or, if the Project manager creates a product by going to full edit mode first, they will be able to select the category from there:

When reusing products (from Product search) with product categories assigned, the category will be copied over too.

​Product categories are mandatory

When product categories are created, it will be mandatory for the Project manager to choose one of them when creating a product. This ensures the accuracy of reporting.
If you create a product category, only this specific type of product will display this field as mandatory.

Reporting on Product Categories

To report on product categories you will need access to our statistics API. Read more about how to gain access here.

Form: Set a product category on a booking change fee

The Booking Change fee is an additional payment that can be setup in Form settings. Just like when you're adding an additional payment from Financial Details, you can set the product category for this fee in Form Settings. When the Project manager then adds Booking change fees to bookings when editing bookings, the additional payment will have this product category automatically set.

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