Set up a payment processor for credit card payments

Requirements for enabling booking payments by credit card for a Qondor office

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Qondor enables payment by credit card for a speedy payment process, the only requirement is that the Qondor customer has a credit card processor set up for their office.

Qondor supports Stripe, Nets and Netaxept and Worldline as an online credit card processor. Here is a guide to what is required from a Qondor customer to set up credit card payment for their Qondor office(s). 


An agreement for online payments by credit card needs to be in place with the chosen payment processor. The contract is signed directly and not with Qondor, however Qondor can help you get the process started.

When the agreement is in place, the account needs to be connected to the Qondor office(s) in Office -> Settings -> Online payments.


Payments is serious business and you don't want anything to go wrong. Project managers also need to understand how bookers complete payment and how payments are documented. A complete payment test is therefore necessary before going live with real projects.

  1. Complete a booking by accessing the form as booker. (Go to Form builder --> right click the Live address url --> select open link in incognito/private window)

  2. Ensure the connection between Qondor and the payment provider works as intended and the correct credit card types are available for payment

  3. Check that the payment is correctly registered on the booking in Qondor

  4. Make sure the credit card receipt is sent to the booker by email

  5. Check that the payment is correctly registered in the payment processor's online admin page.

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