If you want to use Stripe as your online payment processor in Qondor you will need to set up a Stripe Connect account. After creating your account you will need to connect the account to Qondor by selecting Stripe as your office's online payment processor in Office settings. See below:

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After connecting your account you will recieve a verification in your browser and you'll be able to see that your account is connected in the Office settings.


There's a few important settings you have to set in your Stripe Dashboard in order for the integration to work correct.

  1. The Payout schedule must be automatic in the Bank account settings:

2. A statement descriptor needs to be set so that your customer can recognise your company in the bank statement. In Stripe, there are two options for setting Statement descriptor. Payments from Qondor uses the Shortened descriptor, and adds the Qondor Payment ID to the descriptor. 

For a payment with the ID of 12345, the text on the bank statement in this example will be Qondor 12345

The statement descriptor in total cannot exceed 22 characters (including spaces), so it is important that limit your Shortened descriptor to no more than 12 characters, leaving room for a space and 9 digits. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/account to adjust your shortened descriptor. 

PS: In case the Shortened descriptor is empty, Qondor will use the value in the Statement descriptor before the Payment ID. 

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